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    Scout Group Numbers

    I did suggest that the wording was the same in both locations when it spoke about group sizes during the last review.............. but it was deemed fine as it was........... 🤷‍♂️
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    Scouts on Mendip

    At the weekend we gave 20 scouts from Wests Sussex a weekend in Somerset, Saturday in Burrington and Sunday in Swildons. We have been taking this group since 2014. Whilst the youngsters we enjoying them selves underground one of the leaders(who wished he could have been underground, medical...
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    Removing spits

    diamond hole saw, drills out neatly around the spit for removal, cant remember what size is needed
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    Cave huts / hostel guidance

    Hostel guidance has changed as of 23 oct Particularly with reference to numbers in bunkrooms 2.1.2 Hostels Fuller considerations for hostel operators are set out by UKHospitality...
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    National emergency services memorial

    To include a volunteer, to represent amongst others cave rescue
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    cardboard caving fundraiser for a bigger project

    A project we are working on that stemmed from Paul Dolds memory and funeral donation to install a permanent artificial cave system in West Sussex The actual total from the weekend with making people more aware of the project was nearer ?4000, still along way to go on raising funds, but progress...
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    Hidden Earth to Matlock

    Would anyone be able to take a small package (about the size of a helmet ;)  ) to an addresss in Matlock for me cheers
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    Never too Old

    My mum's 70 later this year. At the start of the year my mum decided she was going to do something new each month, so  we took her caving in somerset for the weekend (along with my sister aswell ). other activities this year have so far included, skid pan driving, glass blowing, and flying a plane.
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    Duo repair

    long story, but short version is I managed to cut the cable for a duo in 2,  Oooops :furious: I'm thinking some kind of waterproof connector to join it back together, can anyone point me in the direction of something that will do the job, I know theres a few light guru's round here so hoping...
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    where are they all

    I have just seen a scout document that says there are 20 scout caving assessors and 207 scout caving permit holders, so where are you all?? West Sussex has 2 assessors plus 9 permit holders
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    Jamie's caving trip

    Jamie is a scout we recently took caving, he's eleven, but up until 3 years ago was confined to a wheelchair, he wanted to go caving, we made this happen for him. day 1 was a trip down goatchurch, the photo in...
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    FX3 batteries headsets and chargers FS

    We have 30 FX3 batteries and headsets for sale all are giving voltage readings of around 4 volts and have been time tested, most lasting over 7 hours We also have 2x 5 bank chargers, these will take all 5 FX3 batteries at once. Anyone interested before theygo on e-bay?
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    mon am helicopter heros on now

    showing a caving rescue in yorkshire