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    Best Ever Interplanetary Exploration Songs

    Intergalactic laxative , Donovan.:) look it up or learn to play it/and sing. it's fun!!
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    Cordless angle grinder question

    go brushless, prices will make long term sense/ value. in my opinion.
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    Devonshire missing padlock

    IAs I'm probably closest to the job I suggest ' short chain, bolted to frame . bolt to loop lid. any objections? can do before next w/e.' or; pm. O. G.
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    Ashbourne Shrovetide Football next week.............

    Hug??? a little romantic eh? Jon. must meet soon!!!! :)
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    Clatterway Dangerously Unstable

    Any clearer info on the whereabouts of instability ? so many places where flat out is the only waythrough in Clatterway. thanks.(y) O.G.
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    Water levels in the Gentlewoman /Youds squeeze.

    Hi Larry, having re-opened and subsequently cleared the squeezes several times, taking material downhill (access day shaft?) would be easier than dragging up stream to simply rejoin you in the squeeze for lack of space to store/ pack 'stuff' as a thought. wouldn't try to teach you to suck eggs...
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    Water levels in the Gentlewoman /Youds squeeze.

    We''ve been in a similar situation Dave.right thing to re-group, rather than sacrifice a team member. time for Larry Mitch & all to come in from below again perhaps.sure we'll hear something soon! I'm going to be out of action for a couple of months, but after that?? we'll see(y). merry...
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    Water levels in the Gentlewoman /Youds squeeze.

    How did it go Dave, I assume Mitch was your back up idiot at the front.Catch you soon and you'll 'get why' I dodged this one! . Might manage a bottle candle and mincepie to T'Owd man before the end of the w/e. probably in the Wapping. x O.G.
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    Travel might be interesting tomorrow.

    a good 4 " in Matlock bath still :eek:
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    Stile repairs at Oxlow Farm - DCA request for volunteers

    You have my no' if no one else applies Pete.(y)
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    Giants, too wet?

    Really well worth going to Garlands in very wet conditions, just for the experience. Though I have had to (rescue) a pal with srt ability, but not enough experience to breathe under water.😨 Take care!!. OG
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    "He made me do it"

    look out Sheffield!! Phil is on the prowl! 😅(y)
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    Repairing oversuit?

    yes ,sadly Phil' a while ago. how big a repair? a retired seamstress near me might be able to take it on.Also I have call to visit harrisons cameras soon could collect. Ric'.
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    Very silly pics

    where's the veggie option?
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    Padlock issues, Devonshire.

    I'll take a walk up to recci' situation Pete.
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    Frugal Owd-Git seeks undersuit. 5'7" stretchy at the middle really handy! Thanks for reading. O.G.
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    Peak District Rigging Guide. CCPC

    standard measure is to follow the breeze in Clatterway. then cut across the right garden to the road,to avoid bad looks!!
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    mines and quarry's electrical advice,

    a friend wants to install caravan hook up points in his disused quarry, electrical reg's reqire earth. what is standard spike? or buried Cu sheet? or what? NIC can't advise on quarry reg's. Any one out there in 'the know?'. thanks for reading. Ric'.pm or txt 07790 694292. thanks again. O. G.
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    ex army stove.

    Anyone / club want to make an offer on an ex army 1950's 'Beale & Dean no. 4 field oven' ?  I have it dismantled and ready to go. 29" h 30"w 24"deep. stove pipe in poor state , 4 man lift when assembled!!. any questions? Ric'.
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    world championships HEN-RACING today@ Bonsall

      :beer2:  see title, hens to dope and "train"  :beer2: