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  1. FabianE

    Doing titan soon any thoughts on my SRT kit

    Let us know when you do Titan so we can combine your trip with a DCRO exercise 🤣🤣
  2. FabianE

    New GEO 'Kingsdale' Suits

    Six bolting trips into Cussey and seams around pockets have detached. Also quite significant shrinkage... One bought and it'll do as a cheap digging suit.
  3. FabianE

    Shhh.... Cussey Pot had some new Bolts

    I am pleased to announce that the pitches in Cussey Pot have now been fitted with DCA Resin Anchors. During four trips over the last month, the pitches leading towards Inglorious Bastard as well as towards Rocky Horror have been bolted with DCA Resin Anchors. These new anchors have been tested...
  4. FabianE

    Peak Speedwell System Survey Published

    @Scud What a beautifully created survey! You've spent a lot of time and years on this which is evident in its complexity and detail! Once these are for sale I'll have one for the wall please 😁
  5. FabianE

    The Assault Course via Peak Cavern.

    I'd be up for helping if that becomes a project 😁
  6. FabianE

    The Assault Course via Peak Cavern.

    Lovely trip report! Definitely on my to do list as well 😁😁
  7. FabianE

    No escape from Titan!

    I've emailed one of the keyholders. But if you need extra hands I'm happy to help :)
  8. FabianE

    No escape from Titan!

    I've offered to look at this on another post and see if the dam can be cleared. @pwhole has explained very well on another thread what requires doing and I'm just looking at organising a reconnaissance trip to create a plan of what needs doing. @pwhole I'll drop you a email in the coming weeks...
  9. FabianE

    Caving Memes

  10. FabianE

    Eyam Dale House Cave - Access Change

    That's a real shame. Hopefully this could be rectified after a little bit of quiet and time...
  11. FabianE

    Rowter Hole Update

    Absolutely amazing!!! These straws :love::love:
  12. FabianE

    (Winnats head) The wood above the slot in Winnats is snapping, and the slot SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED! A warning to all!

    Personally I hate the Sewer aspect of WHC the most, yet the pitches beyond keep being me back 🤣 That pitch is a bit of a B*tch (not JH related) and does require brute force in the upper body as well as jamming your feet into any possible crack or protrusion available... Having that particular...
  13. FabianE

    Rowter Hole Update

    Some amazing progress! These developments are captivating 😁
  14. FabianE

    Child friendly caving clubs

    They aren't that's right. We do however use the DCA Coaching Scheme in our club and for example accept the LCMLA or CIC training as proof of competence... of course other options to prove competence are accepted. Especially when it comes to taking novices underground or even progressing to SRT...
  15. FabianE

    Child friendly caving clubs

    Thank you :) We are lucky to have trip leaders who hold qualifications such as the LCMLA and CIC. The majority of our trip leaders also work in the industry and are therefore used to working with younger cavers and hold the necessary DBS checks.
  16. FabianE

    Return to Aquamole - The Film

    Another amazing video showing the type of incredible feats being accomplished out of sight from the public. Beautiful shots and captivating story!
  17. FabianE

    Photo help required

  18. FabianE

    Titan to Peak Connection/Cow Arse Worms Levels

    If someone would take the time to talk me through the current setup and how it works / how it's supposed to work and what maintainance work is needed, I'd be willing to try and assemble a team of "young" cavers as you mention to keep it maintained 👍
  19. FabianE


    We've done the tour into the "Cueva del Viento" and it was incredible. Obviously very much aimed at the public so the tour itself is short but very informative. I got talking to the guide before the trip and explained that we are UK cavers and part of DCRO. The guide asked us a lot of questions...
  20. FabianE

    Suspension Trauma

    Hi Brendan, Thanks for your medical input into this topic... something which has interested me for some time. It's interesting to see that some American based associations until recently supported the 'W'-position based on the rationale that this position forces blood to be returned to the...