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    Starless River Quiz Answers

    Here are the long-awaited quiz answers! 1. We passed quickly into clear water and travelled over beautiful smooth sand, passing a great fallen block with an eyehole right through it, then downhill, like trudging over a snowfield, until suddenly we halted in our tracks. Below and to the right...
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    Starless River no-prize literary quiz

    Here's our quiz for the caving-history minded among you. We aren't going to mark it or anything like that, but we'll post the answers sometime in the New Year. A clue - 4 are fiction, and the others are from caving books, club journals, and one blog from a caver who has left us.
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    Starless River Shop

    Starless River shop is in South Wales this weekend (not Mendip as we mistakenly said in Descent). Mendip is NEXT weekend. Sorry guys!
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    Pollaraftra Access

    Just a note for visitors, access to this fine stream cave is **only** to be had after telephoning the farmer. He's lovely if you follow this procedure, and known for being a bit grumpy if you don't. Talk to a local caver to get the number, it's not secret but not actually publicised (this is a...
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    Downstream KMC

    The line between Yorrurt Revisited and the base of The Shaft is lined with blue polypro and is pretty belay free. By nature of the context, any visitors to this area are likely to be fairly strong-minded; but it's not reassuring for anyone, and forewarned is forearmed.
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    Lancaster Hole, near Oxbow Corner

    Those making the Lancs - WRabbit traverse via the streamway will probably know the climb up into the higher levels at the very downstream end of the Oxbow Corner boulder pile (rope up on left when facing upstream). Last week it was blocked, about fifteen feet up, by a significantly large...
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    Matienzo at Easter

    Just a last ditch attempt... Is there anyone in The Dales or thereabouts who is going to Matienzo in the next couple of days... i.e. someone who hasn't headed out *yet*? Thanks for any help - Tony
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    Starless River at SWCC

    The mobile shop will be at Penwyllt on Mayday weekend - friday night to monday morning this time. If there's anything in particular you fancy, give us a call (such as climbing ropes, rigging tat, via ferrata gear for the summer hols and suchlike), and I'll bung it in with the normal kit...
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    Starless River mobile shop on Mendip

    Anyone who wants to go shopping for the various goodies on offer - I'll be down on The Hill from Friday until Sunday. Saying which, I want to go caving Friday daytime; and I'll be at Wookey for the launch of the excellent book in the evening! But call me if you want anything special bringing...
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    Starless River mobile shop

    If anyone wants to have a look around the shop this Saturday, I'll be down at the Orpheus hut for the first part of the day, then swinging past Castleton in the late afternoon / early evening. Mail, or call, if you want to arrange a look at something in particular; that way I can make sure that...
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    Starless River shop visits, April - September

    Have finally got my arse in gear and updated the calendar, so you can find where the shop will be between now and Hidden Earth. So if you want to know where to check out the shiny, shiny kit, go to the website and then the calendar section; the few empty weekends are normally there for me to...
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    Viper Light in the Peak, 3rd October

    If you didn't manage to get to Hidden Earth (bad luck)...but want to see what all the fuss with this new light is about - there will be a few of these rather bright items over at the Orpheus this coming Saturday. If you're an Orpheus member, and are interested, then you may be in luck. But in...
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    Starless River

    Should anyone wish to have look at the new AV oversuits, or the MTDE undersuits, or indeed any number of shiny bits of nice kit - then the shop will be on the road and in the area of BPF on Saturday between about 09.00 and 17.00. Cash or cheque only, I'm afraid - no internet / mobile access for...
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    CHECC 2009, naturally

    I've heard that it's happening... But where? And when? Waiting with breath bated...
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    Starless River

    If you want to check out any of the new kit, or even just prove to yourself that pontonnierres really do exist, come and say hello tomorrow. The shop will be outside the YSS between c.09.30 and 17.30. Best to park in the pub car park (unless you're YSS, of course!) so that club members aren't...
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    Aventure Verticale oversuits

    If anyone is still looking for an AV Holloch before they go away on a summer trip, they'll be available for trying on in the Dales tomorrow. Pop around by the YSS between 10.00 and 17.30.
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    Starless River in the Peak

    For those who can find it, there's the opportunity to have a look at the new shop which will be at the Orpheus hut this Saturday, from 09.30 to 17.30. Small stock this weekend (off on expedition in a couple of days) but still plenty of MTDE and Aventure Verticale kit, plus old favourites like...
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    Starless River

    There'll be a few bits of caving gear for sale outside the SWCC this weekend, Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Folks are welcome to have a look round, a chat, and maybe even buy stuff if they fancy. Look for the van that is festooned with kit... No plastic taken this weekend; so if you...
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    Lancaster Streamway

    Hi all. Was anyone down by the Downstream Sump this weekend; and if so, what was the colour of the water; and was it a high, or a low flow? Cheers!
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    Long Churn

    If anyone reading this was in Lower Long Churn on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, please could you tell me if there was any foam on Double Shuffle pool, then? Cheers!