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    Fluorescein dye

    IIRC Absinthe was "inadvertently used" in the Doubs and a connection proved (*). I think I remember reading about the after effects of a fire at the Pernod distillery (on the banks of the Doubs?). It resulted in thousands of litres being dumped in the river (deliberately to try and remove it as...
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    Cryptic caves

    Sorry for not replying sooner but I'm a rubbish clue setter so anyone can jump in. Thanks to those who are skilled at it though.
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    Cryptic caves

    Red Moss Pot (sorry if it's right Jason I couldn't resist a guessable anagram)
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    Cryptic caves

    King Pot
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    Cryptic caves

    Huzzah ! It is over to you ChrisB.
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    Cryptic caves

    I like this thread but I'm no cruciverbalist, but here goes: "A turn between my French and some Fish Anatomy adds an aching void (5,4,4)"
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    Cryptic caves

    Shrapnel Pot
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    Women's caving kit

    Can't comment on them quality / robustness wise but Ejendals gloves all seem to be available in size 6 and they do quite a range including thermal ones. Viewable on Safety Gloves, where it's recommended to buy a size larger than normal as they are a snug fit!
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    Very silly pics

    The phrases you think you'd never type: here's a link to Google Maps for Dildo, Newfoundland
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    Very silly pics

    Going international really opens the depths - IIRC there's a place called Dildo in Newfoundland (remember seeing a picture perhaps in one of Josie Dew's books).
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    Very silly pics

    Just to keep this suitably low how about Spuncombe Bottom in The Cotswolds. Link to NLS (no name changes on current maps). You could deviate from the Cotswold way at North Nibley going via Nibley Knoll and Big Ride to get there too.
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    Very silly pics

    Penistone of course also has the Paramount - "Home of the mighty Compton Organ"
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    Wanted: Clown or Bollard hanger

    The machined disk things are AS hangers - still available from Mr Seddon Amarrage Souple They are excellent though may not inspire confidence from others - once remember being asked why bootlaces were being used in the rigging. Also not sure about using these in the roof, although Alpine...
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    Cryptic caves

    Keld Head (first letter of first 8 words - "initially" is the hint) No good at settings clues sorry so open to anyone. I do enjoy this thread and thanks.
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    Home-made Compresse Air Locomotive

    Brilliant. I'm sure compressed air/compressed steam locomotives were used in some locations where sparks from the fire would be considered dangerous. Vague memories of one at one of the National Waterways centres, I think it had come from a power station where high pressure steam was readily...
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    Windypits near Pickering

    Me and a mate are likely to have a free afternoon and evening in/near Pickering in early September with work. Does anybody have any recommendations for anything local. I've looked a bit on the web and wondered about OFAPI Pot? Is it still open and does the advice on the YCC page about obtaining...
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    Kit Found in Slaughter Stream Cave

    Had a trip into Slaughter Stream Cave (Forest of Dean) on Sunday and found some kit. If you think it might be yours describe it and I'll do my best to reunite the two of you.
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    UK Adventure Race

    Found the following browsing around the web Expedition UK Endeavour Anybody heard more about this? Which caves are they planning to use? Have they really thought this through: Racing completely at odds with Conservation. Rescue issues - are they already cavers, possibility of injury...
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    Grant awarded to "revitalise" Mid-Wales lead &

    Found the following on the BBC website BBC News | Wales | Mid Wales | Project revitalises old Mines Idea sounds good - I started my underground forays at Cwmystwyth and the other mines around there when I were a wee lad so I've got fond memories. However wonder how it will turn out in...