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    CNCC - Introduction to Paperless surveying

    Hello Everyone! There will be a  3 day Introduction to Paperless Surveying course taking place How Stean Gorge early in 2018. This three day BCRA Cave Surveying Group course (spread across three months) will teach complete beginners about paperless surveying up to a standard where they can...
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    CNCC - First Aid for Cavers

    Hello Everyone! There will be a First Aid for Cavers course taking place in Austwick Village Hall on 10th Feb 2018. The training will cover a basic first aid syllabus covering appropriate actions for incidents both underground and on the surface. The cost is just ?15 a head. Sign-up online to...
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    Caving Fiction (Novels/ Short stories etc)

    Hello all, After EuroSpeleo I feel inspired to take up my pen (and procrastinate on my current writing project) by writing a story about caving. I have a few ideas for short stories/ flash fiction in my head, but I was wondering if there was anyone who'd tried this sort of thing before. I'm...