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    Hades caving club

    Does anyone know if Hades is still active? I've been trying to get on their website and I keep getting DNS unresolved errors.
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    Rescue from a mineshaft

    Anyone know about this?
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    Search for WW2 Gold

    Anyone been watching this on Blaze? I don't know how faked it is. They've uncovered a Japanese tunnel in the Philippines and there looks as though there's loads of other tunnels too.
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    I saw an article in an archaeological group about a standing stone with tafoni. The state be was limestone iirc. Not having heard of the term before I looked it up. It struck me that the appearance was quite similar to the crease limestone that you get in the Forest of Dean. But it seems...
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    Area 51 ffs

    I see the dangerous explorers are at it again. Fortunately they're getting a pasting on FB
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    Gold mining Scotland?

    I don't know what brought this to mind but about 15 years ago I went for an interview for a job in the hospital on Shetland. On the ferry on the way over they were playing a documentary about gold mining or mainly panning which I assume was somewhere in Scotland. I missed the beginning of the...
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    We visited Portmeirion yesterday and whilst walking around the grounds near the Chinese Lake we noticed and alcove off the path.  There were tree roots over it but my son shone a light and it looked like a passage curving away. Oddly it would be heading towards the sea. Anyone know anything...
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    OFD permits

    Hi All Does anyone know what's happening with permits? Our club (GSS) secretary has sent off a permit application form a month ago and has heard nothing. She's also emailed the guy who deals with permits over a week ago and has heard nothing. Now our club permit has expired.
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    Drying Wetsuits Cheap and simple
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    Bad Air

    We were exploring an old mine in the Forest of Dean last night. We'd had a brief look at it last year and having got the owner's permission went to have another look. Someone is already digging a passage there which might connect to Sling Pit and they had encountered bad air down there We had...
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    Friday video clip US

    Just been to the above thread. Every post says Embedding Disabled, limit reached.
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    Anything odd happening to unread posts?

    On Friday there were about 15 unread posts when I logged in. I only read 2 of them so when I looked yesterday I was surprised to see just 2 unread posts, neither of which I wanted to read. This morning there is only 1 unread post.
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    Cheap caving helmet?

    From Thursday Lidl are selling skiing/snowboarding helmets for ?20 which apparently meet some sort of standard. They look like they could make a cheap caving helmet so long as you don't mind your ears being covered and a little bit of ingenuity to attach the light.
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    Making things bigger

    Just a thought prompted by the thread about the German cave rescue and previous discussions on here. If a casualty is in a tricky part of a cave with very tight access what would be the view of people on here to enlarging the restriction to get someone out?
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    Very Silly Websites

    As an alternative to the silly pics thread, how about some of the slightly more unhinged sites. To kick us off
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    Caving accident statistics

    A long time ago I read some stats about the likelihood of being involved in an accident or incident underground. From what I recall it's something like (for your average weekend caver) once in every 140 years for a cave rescue call out and once in every 1000 years for a call out involving...
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    Mine Explorer Website Down?

    Tried to log on just now and it appears to have forgotten all my log in details. Doesn't even recognise my email address. I tried to email Miles but the send an email link doesn't work either. Anyone know what's going on?
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    Noxon Park

    It was nice to see so many people down Noxon park on Wednesday. There must have been about 20 of us in at least 2 parties, some from the RFDCC and some from GSS. The locals must have wondered what on earth was happening. The water is clear so it's still on its way down so hopefully there'll be...
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    Mines in the Lake District

    Does anyone know if there are any books on the mines in the Lake District? Not just a general book on mining, more one that tells you locations and so on. We were on holiday there last week and I had a poke around on one entrance but it didn't go very far before it got waterlogged. As we want to...