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  1. J

    Is anyone selling a Land Rover 110/130?

    Seen a few going for cheap here
  2. J

    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    Did Croesor to Rhosydd on 22/04. Boat was fine and free, with the usual holes. Once emptied by the first group to cross it stayed relatively dry.
  3. J

    Historic mining lamp question

    Looks derived from the Geordie Lamp - invented by George Stepheson. Main difference being that the flame is surrounded by glass, rather than metal gauze of a Davy lamp.
  4. J

    Heron Pot anchors... Your thoughts?

    Is the “up rope” maintained by the CNCC?
  5. J

    Dan yr Ogof survey

    Has anyone got a DYO survey they are willing to share? They never seem to have any available to buy at The SWCC. Cheers!
  6. J

    Carabiner found in Wet Sink

    I was there on the 4th. Would be a DMM Aero with an orange tape marking if it's mine. Thanks!
  7. J

    New Look UK Caving!

    Seamless migration. Fresh new look for such a glorious forum.
  8. J

    CNCC SRT Rescue Workshop

    Several of us from DUSA/WSG went up to Yorkshire over the weekend for the CNCC SRT rescue workshop. Just wanted to say thanks to Ian and Aidy of CPC/CNCC for putting it on. We had a cracking time hauling, picking off, and cutting ropes! Would thoroughly recommend these workshops to anyone as...
  9. J

    Lyon bag bargains

    Some great deals on the Lyon amazon page at the moment. Managed to pick up a couple of 24-litre tackle sacks for 15 quid each. The prices vary a lot, but there are still a few left at the knockdown prices.  :bounce...
  10. J

    Descent Magazine Readership

    Currently enjoying reading Descent 278, after finally retrieving it from my parent's home. After having a chat with my Dad, we were wondering what the total circulation is?  ;)
  11. J

    DUSA Dinner Meet 2020

    All ex-DUSA (Durham University Speleological Association) members are once again invited to the fun-filled weekend that is Dinner Meet! Everyone is welcome, even if you haven't caved for years! There will be a mixture of current and past members. It's a great way to catch-up with your old...