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  1. DAN


    The new System which has been found by the Credit Crunch expedition has been called Doom. There will be some photo's to follow later but it is very exciting...... Dan
  2. DAN

    Rowter New Lid

    Rowter has now got a new Lid which has a Derbyshire lock (30 mm spanner) so if you are thinking of doing a trip don?t forget your adjustable spanner!
  3. DAN

    P8 Aven Beyond sump 3 Climbed or not

    Has anyone climbed the Aven beyond Downstream sump 3 P8, while I was there last week I noticed a black which could continue at the top of the rift? Dan
  4. DAN

    Sidetrack Survey

    Has anyone got a copy of the Sidetrack Survey? Dan
  5. DAN

    Cockshead Mine Covered over Filled in?

    Has anyone been down Cockshead Mine that can remember where it is? Supposedly it was covered with a metal sheet I have heard this from several sources, However this could just be a rumour and it may have been filled in? It would be very interesting if it could be located. Dan
  6. DAN

    P8 Sand passage.

    Rob Evis, Simon Gant and I had a trip into P8 last night, we Bailed the sump into Sand passage and went to the end for a look. The Sump at the the end looks Excellent wished i had a Camera to prove it 1.2 by 2 meters long with a good space to kit up. The sump has been bailed and should take...
  7. DAN

    Eldon Stomp On Saturday 21st of April!!!!

    Who is coming to the Eldon Stomp, all are welcome?? It will be Held at the Waterloo Taddington on Saturday night. There is Camping, Live Music, Mayhem and Mess 8pm onwards. Dan
  8. DAN

    Eldon Quarry Metal cover over a cave?

    While Eldon Quarry was being worked a metal plate was used to cover a cave in the bottom of the workings somewhere, i am sure most Derbyshire diggers have heard the rumour. Is there any truth in this or is it just a myth? And if it is true who covered it as they must still be around as it is not...
  9. DAN

    New passage in Gautries!

    After diverting water in Guatries down through Angle and into the sump the water now flows through the sump and into pool chamber sump. The water has done some pretty surprising things it has completely removed the sump in pool chamber you can now crawl through straight into the passage beyond...
  10. DAN

    Gautries down stream dig who installed the scffolding?

    We are now digging the down stream dig in gautries and would like know if anyone knows who installed the scaffolding at the end and how far did they get as it seems to have colapsed ? Dan
  11. DAN

    Gautries can anybody lend a hand?

    John Taylor and I have been Diving in the sump at the end of Gautries (the worst dive base in Derbyshire) and John has dived into a huge inclined bedding, 4 Metres wide at about 45 degrees. Which appears to be flowing John said at this point he wished he had looked up the slope before he...
  12. DAN

    Can anyone give me Steve Brown's phone Number?

    I am looking to find Steve Brown's phone number can anyone help? Dan
  13. DAN

    Anyone know S Gardener?

    I am trying find out if anyone knows or knew S Gardener he caved with Les Salmon in the 50's i am trying to find the entrance to cross pot on Bradwell moorand. It seems if he is alive he may be the only person who where the entrance is. Dan
  14. DAN

    Has somone found a new system?

    There are plenty of rumours going around about a new cave system which has been found the peak which is meant to be big. Can anybody clarify the situation as i have heard from a few independent sources? Dan
  15. DAN

    Un-named cave above Ricklow?

    Has anyone ever looked at the un-named cave above Ricklow cave, which is described as partly collapsed near some marble mines which are in a Dangerous state of collapse? Dan
  16. DAN

    Gateham Swallet re-opened

    Gatham swallet has now been re-opened it has been off limits since 1959 when it collapsed leaving a gapping hole in the field. The stream which sinks in the hole has washed away all the soil and made thing worse. The main priority has been to get the shaft stable and a proper lid on it and make...
  17. DAN

    Nettle Pot

    Who has been to the deepest point in nettle and knows how it ends? I would imagine not many have been there because of the sqeeze before the 2nd ladder pitch. 
  18. DAN

    childish taping argument

    {SPLIT FROM CARLSWARK TOPIC} What the F**K is everyone moaning about? Yellow arrows? what about all that horrable RED and WHITE plastic tape  around mud formation, ok the odd formation here and there but that barrier tape has started to appear all over the place and i think it looks sh*t!
  19. DAN

    Gautries has Gone....Extensions!!

    Gautries has now tripled in length!! The much looked at sump in pool chamber dried up of its own accord recently, it may have been dry for a while. Bob Toogood spotted it on a recent trip, and insisted we had a look.... it paid off!!! It is a good trip to the end, if a little muddy, but you can...
  20. DAN

    Rake shaft Coal pit hole Rake?

    Has anyone been down Rake shaft in Recent memory? I know where it is supposed to be but cant find it! The farmer has given me permission after bribery. Dan