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    Landjoff PVC oversuit

    I'm officially too fat to fit into my much loved Meander and AV suits and came across these on t'interweb. They seem to do custom sizes which is what I need at the moment. Does anyone have experience with these? Does the from fastening have a zip or is it velcro? How tough are they compared to...
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    Swildons Blockhouse/shed

    I was talking about Swildons the other day and we were all wondering what the story is behind the "blockhouse" structure at the entrance. I haven't been there for about 30 years but it got me thinking. Who built it, when and why? I don't remember seeing anything like it at other cave entrances.
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    The Metropolitan Police acted "appropriately" at a vigil for Sarah Everard Some classic quotes in this article. If this is appropriate then what will they do when the government give then new powers to stop protests?
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    Paul Deakin Photo Collection

    Does anyone know if Pauls photo's are still accessible? I'm looking for photos of "Lower Coombe Mine" which is near Snitterton. I think they were taken when he was still working in black and white.
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    Doug Nash - Photograph Collection

    Part of Doug's collection contained photographs from various underground sites around Derbyshire. One of the albums contained photos of Jug Holes that were taken by Doug Fearn in the 1950's who also made the Op Mole film. I always meant to make scans of these as they showed Jug Holes when the...
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    Disto 910 and Autocad Mobile

    Hi Guys Has anyone used a Disto 910 or Autocad mobile for cave/mine surveying? I'm probably getting access to a Disto 910 and Autocad is second nature to me although I've never used it on a tablet. Any input welcome. Thanks