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  1. Swallowneck

    North End Pot

    Just to update people, the new entrance is now called North by North End Pot as the original Earby dig at the other end of the shake hole is called North End Pot and you can't have two things with the same name. Most of Sam's original exploration ropes have now been removed (or were planned to...
  2. Swallowneck

    Temporary Café Closing

    Get the grumps, (some of whom are pictured) behind the counter. At least one of them has experience ;)
  3. Swallowneck

    Kingsdale Master Cave incident on Sunday (06/08/23).

    On the day of Alasdairs stickage there were two ropes on the climb at the back of the bridge. Actually it was one rope with two drops. Alasdair chopped one when he was stuck. Later that day I removed that short side and its now used on various digging buckets around the area. The second drop was...
  4. Swallowneck

    Survey data archive

    The Cave Registry Is a great resource and should be used more. I recommend that anyone not familiar with it follow the link and have a look. To add data you do need a user account but the vast majority of data in the archive is freely available for anyone to...
  5. Swallowneck

    Survey data archive

    Pitlamp, I can either get this sorted so you can add stuff to the archive or I can do it for you. Mail me or call to the house next time you are at the compressor. Nick
  6. Swallowneck

    Northern CSG spring meetup

    Last minute reminder to those booked on to the CSG Northern meet at the YSS this coming weekend. Also, bit short notice I know, but we have had a couple of last minute drop outs so if anyone else would like a weekend of nerding and dicussion about all things surveying drop me a line...
  7. Swallowneck

    Non SRT caves in the north

    The re-survey is definitely work in progress but it will be finished one day. Time as always is the problem. This coming summer will see lots more added. The Eternal Optimist connection will look much better drawn as a separate map as it is mostly underneath other stuff. The data is there so...
  8. Swallowneck

    Fing Hopeless Pot - diggers rewarded

    95m plus another couple we logged on Sunday. Oh look, another milestone coming up. We're going to have to go back and keep digging, bugger!! o_O
  9. Swallowneck

    Fing Hopeless Pot - diggers rewarded

    Tim forgot to mention that Hopeless is now solidly past the 1 kilometer milestone.
  10. Swallowneck

    Breakthrough in Fairy Holes (Weardale)

    The joint write ups are brilliant, well done everyone. Thanks for the full story last night, it was great to see all the videos and hear the tales first hand. Looks like lots more to come, we wait with baited breath, and no, I still really don't want to go for a look!!! :ROFLMAO:
  11. Swallowneck

    What do you take with you?

    Having been unlucky enough to be in a serious situation that required the use of what was then, the traditional plastic suvival bag, to save a life I can confirm that the small orange sized shelter that I use now is so much more effective and much lighter. It really is a chalk and cheese...
  12. Swallowneck

    Five Ways Pot, Dowlass Moss, Ingleborough

    Fingers crossed the last bucket has been hauled (for a while anyway)
  13. Swallowneck

    Fing Hopeless Pot - diggers rewarded

    The survey as it is at the moment can be found in the BCA Cave Registry. Therion output: Elevation needs loads of work, plan not finished but starting to look somthing like. Not done any X...
  14. Swallowneck

    Inhaler Found

    Yesterday on a trip down Ireby just a little past the bottom of Pussy pitch we found on a ledge a small yellow dry bag containing an inhaler. On the way out we picked it up and brought it back to the surface leaving it in an obvious place at the bottom of the entrance ladder. Thinking about...
  15. Swallowneck

    Another Rock Fall in Goyden Main Chamber

    Please be aware that there has been another big fall of rock from the roof of Goyden main chamber. The slabs that have fallen made up the start of the huge suspended arch that is seen after turning right at the end of first section of the entrance tunnel. Many tons of rock have fallen with many...
  16. Swallowneck

    Nidderdale Weekend

    A bit short notice I know, sorry. Next weekend 3rd/4th July the BSD are having a full weekend in Nidderdale. Saturday we will be digging the top of high aven between Hardy Pools passage and the Planetarium. Also a team will be starting to dig in Hardy Pools passage where last weekend we got a...
  17. Swallowneck

    Can LiDAR Help Produce Cave Surveys

    With the recent activity on UK Caving regarding Lidar and cave surveying, let get a new thread going on the this subject and possibly others such as Photogrametry. Historically Lidar kit has been stupidly expensive and has not really been within the realms of your average cavers budget...
  18. Swallowneck

    Dive Support Tomorrow

    A bit last minute I know but if you don?t ask... We are short of one possibly two Sherpas for a dive carry to Beetroot sump in Goyden pot tomorrow. It?s a nice trip with two pitches, more walking than crawling and you get to see the excellent, not often visited Beetroot passage with its jet...
  19. Swallowneck

    2019 Therion Training Weekend

    Cave Surveying Group Therion Weekend After the success of last year?s CSG Therion training weekend, the venue for this years get together will once again be the British Caving Library at Glutton Bridge and the event will be held over the weekend of the 9th-10th of November...