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    Cryogenic calcite research

    Recently discovered in Wookey Hole, are deposits of a curious form of calcite. The story, here - contains links to research papers, and cavers who have seen similar deposits are asked to get in touch. Those odd piles of white stuff you have walked past...
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    Premature action on CRoW?

    Being fearless, but not wishing to be censured, I hope it is OK to bring this to members' attention, particularly to anybody involved with BCA. Some of you may think of accusing me of mischief, which is why I have thought long and hard about it. Please accept that all I want to do is to ensure...
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    Further discussion on Cave Conservation Rewards

    This "if in doubt bring it out" phrase we are being spoon-fed. It has admirable aims I am sure. However, I think it runs the risk of giving licence to anyone to do what they think is best, whereas in reality they may be doing irreversible damage to archaeological features, particularly in old...
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    Caving Cottage electricity supply question

    I have a simple question for anyone who manages a caving club cottage. We are in the process of having an electricity supply laid on, and we have to decide whether we want the meter located inside or outside. Inside would be simpler but there is the matter of having the meter read. I have no...
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    Dunald Mill Hole, August 1760

    May I submit a slightly old report on behalf of the long-deceased Lancaster caver, Mr. A.W. reproduced from a newspaper (not the Daily Mail) Caledonian Mercury, 19th November, 1760 Description of an Extraordinary Cave in Lancashire Lancaster, August 27, 1760 Sir, Last Sunday I visited a...
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    19th Century Cave Photography

    Cornishman, 10th October, 1878 Penzance Subterranean Photography by Artificial Light Saturday?s Photographic News has an interesting and appreciative notice of the great step in photographic art taken by our former townsman, Mr. Brooks, of Reigate. It explains that the colour of the surface...
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    Guildford Caverns, a sorry tale of a dig, permissions and public linen washing

    In 1868, the Ordnance Survey sent a survey team of men to Guildford. As part of their investigations, the team determined to locate and survey the ?caverns? under the Castle. These, in fact, are simply ancient quarry workings for chalk, utilised for building, as what is termed ?clunch?. The...
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    Edited posts - bug?

    Today I did some minor changes to a post, after replies had been posted. In the past there was an automatic note added to say the post was edited and who did it. This did not happen so I wonder if there is a bug. Before I get moaned at, the changes did not involve anything serious like a change...
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    Cambrian CC newsletter Another nicely presented newsletter. Will other member clubs write short profile articles for future issues?  :smartass:
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    Cwmorthin Slate Mine gate vandalism

    It has been suggested on AditNow that this is posted here, so that everyone can be aware of the issue and the potential threat to free access from these actions. (From Miles on Mine Explorer)
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    CCC newsletter - Conservation and Access article

    I found this today: There is a detailed article on conservation and access in it. I also note that Rhys is no longer CCC Editor?
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    Tsunami deposits in Sumatran cave

    Why studying undisturbed cave deposits can be important.
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    SWCC Anderson shelter

    For the few SWCC members who might be curious about what WCMS wanted to do with the six sections of Anderson shelter kindly donated back in June, there is a gallery of photos on Facebook of the work being done in Reigate Caves, where we are restoring it. Go to the Reigate Caves Tunnel Road page...
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    Tony Jarratt Logbook transcripts

    Transcripts for Log books vols 4 and 5 are now available on the MCRA website, as well as vols 1 to 3 which have been available for quite a while now. These are raw transcripts and contain typos and other errors. If you spot anything that needs correcting just let me know and corrections will be...
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    Trying to contact Dez Smith

    Do any Mendip residents here know of the whereabaouts of Dez Smith, incumbent at The New Inn, Priddy, until some months ago? I need to send something to him and have no current contact details, and really want to send it direct rather than via the pub with the chance it might not be forwarded...
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    Ogof Fest

    Congratulations to South Wales Caving Club for an excellent weekend. You should be proud of how well it went. It was obvious that a huge amount of work went into organising the event.  :beer2:
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    Reigate Caves July 9th 2011 Open Day

    Public open day run by Wealden Cave and Mine Society. A chance to wander around the sand mines in the centre of Reigate, and the medieval vault under Reigate Castle. See the link below for full details. Up to date info also available on...
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    notepad lost

    Possibly at Priddy Green on sat 26th march by the barn. Please pm me if you  picked it up. Thanks.
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    Toothache - query

    In the last few months I am sure I have seen an account of the Toothache Dig being revived. Can someone get in touch about it please. All I want to do is stick a brief note about it in our newsletter, as we dug there briefly in the 1980s - no other reason. Thanks.