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  1. Aussie Mick


    An additional online update workshop has now been added to the Go Membership system for cave leaders (level 1) and vertical cave leaders (level 2) on the LCMLA scheme. If your award has recently expired but been extended by BCA due to COVID or if your award if due to expire in the next 9...
  2. Aussie Mick

    Goyden Pot

    G'day Cave People's, I'm heading into Goyden tonight to do some rigging practice. I have been in Goyden lots and lots so i have a good idea of rope lengths etc.. however I was wondering if anyone had a rigging guide for it or knows the lengths, bolts, spits etc.. I'm most interested in the...
  3. Aussie Mick

    Dan Yr Ogof guide for beer & food??

    G'day DYO leader ticket holders, Anyone interested in taking a small group of Over & Under Cave Club members down Dan Yr Ogof on either the 24th or 25th of August in exchange for beer or food or beer and food..? (could be wine) I've been down at the end of last year with a couple of SWCC...
  4. Aussie Mick

    Wanted - Triad Hangers

    Does anyone have any triad hangers for sale???