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  1. menacer

    Lunar caves

    I thought this was very ill researched by the BBC.. We all know, that should it be possible to colonise the moon.or Mars, in caves, a quango would have been set up prior, to prohibit the right to roam in a cave without a permit, signed in triplicate by said quango. A fee would be payable, an...
  2. menacer

    Las Breñas Lanzarote.

    Today, Connie and I went caving in Las Breñas cave. A lava tube extended during COVID by an English/Dutch group of cavers. The end. Translation follows for the Wokerati generation, in the interest of diversity and inclusion. Today, a #homophobic #racist #xenophobic English Brexiteer went...
  3. menacer

    how did you get into caving

    Venture scouts. Saturday morning Goatchurch for the first timers like me, Saturday afternoon Sidot for those that had been caving me. 😏 Addicted in one day. Joined Yeovil college caving club. Worked towards a sump one trip, as our year end finale, which coincided with my...
  4. menacer

    BCA AGM 11th June 2023 - details

    What on earth are you on about Alex. What ideas are shit? Have we met? I guess not because I'm not a pal. I'm libertarian, I'm not one for over arching political structures, believing that the best things get down by folk behind the scenes without the need for committees. I don't know...
  5. menacer

    BCA AGM 11th June 2023 - details

    What are you on about Josh. You are putting fake words into the mouths of others you don't know. I don't profess to know what you are thinking so zip it. Please desist until you meet and have a conversation with me.
  6. menacer

    BCA AGM 11th June 2023 - details

    *ESG environmental social governance
  7. menacer

    BCA AGM 11th June 2023 - details

    I'm a fan of old institutions dying out. I'm no anarchist ( well maybe a little) but all institutions have clogged themselves into stale mate where any form of action is almost impossible as a result of red tape and legislation. I'm all for collapsing institutions and returning to basics...
  8. menacer

    Wookey Hole - Wardens Required

    You'll get there no problem Pete......
  9. menacer

    For those who are scared..

    I think caving just has all the most common phobias in one sport. From heights, to enclosed spaces, the dark or spiders. Even just being cold and wet is unpleasant without any preconceptions and puts many people off. That said, we had a guy in a club I belonged to that didn't like the dark...
  10. menacer

    Camping on NRW land, complaint received by CAL

    I use that. Great app
  11. menacer

    AditNow vanished?

    Sometimes these sites are more trouble than they're worth to those who host them. I hosted a caves of Lanzarote site for a while, many UK cavers benefited and enjoyed the free guide to the world class caves here. It's lead to NASA Mars caves scientific involvement and symposiums as a result of...
  12. menacer

    Choice of outdoor gear brand

    Ironically, fewer people will be able to afford Patagonia clothing with the fight against plant food in gaseous form, partly responsible for increasing the prices on everything. 😏
  13. menacer

    Gorden Ramsey goes caving

    Thursday night, Gorden Ramsey has a new series out called "Future Food stars" This episode preview was filmed at Wookey on the "Wild Wookey" adventure caving circuit. The contestants were on the search for the cave aged Cheddar cheese. Warning...
  14. menacer

    Lava giveth and the lava taketh away

    One of today's post caving bar discussions was La Palma. For those of us also interested in vulcanspeleology, we could be witnessing the creation of the new lava tube. Conversely, the flow is very near Cueva Todoque ( Cueva de las Paloma's), and so where some new caves may be created we hope...
  15. menacer

    Horton cut off

    Just heard on LBC that Horton has been cut off site to rising flood water! It's this true?
  16. menacer

    B14 6dh ( Birmingham) to Mendip

    Anyone live or pass near the above postcode. No rush for item, bought on eBay and had planned a trip to Yorkshire which has fallen through. Carmen
  17. menacer

    Orange lumix lost near/in Craig y ffynon

    Orange lumix with cracked screen fell out of Stu's bag anywhere between the entrance and other side of 3rd boulder choke. Please, if anyone finds it could you message me, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Thanks Carmen
  18. menacer

    National Pothole day

    Just heard it is National Pothole day today. Got quite excited hearing about it on the radio...then discovered it wasnt what I thought.  :'(
  19. menacer

    Lava palava in la Palma

    Ok. Going to to try and start a new post of our Lava Palava trip to La palma in the canary islands. I say try because im currently at 37000ft, on a norwegian airlines flight with free wifi, trying to upload images for the first time at this height. It would have been a lot easier if Flickr hadnt...
  20. menacer

    Next CSCC meeting

    Does anyone know if when the next CSCC meeting is and if there are minutes from the last one? The Agenda from the last meeting proposes 2nd Aug as next meeting date. Is there an agenda for the next CSCC meeting.( potentially less than 1 week away) I cant see anything on the Website.