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    Caving insurance for older cavers

    I think this is one for @JoshW to answer.
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    Removing Aquasure

    Crunchy is more abrasive.
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    New GEO 'Kingsdale' Suits

    Do tell this is! I can think of several candidates but would love to know who you mean.
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    Inflatable Recommendations for use as buoyancy aids Something like this. Mine must be either 59L or 79L, I'm not sure which. Once you've finished swimming you remove the excess air and stick it back in your tackle bag.
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    Inflatable Recommendations for use as buoyancy aids

    I've used a large Heavyweight Ortleib Drybag whilst canyoning many times and I'd recommend them. You can keep stuff dry inside them for most of the trip and when you get to a long swimming section you just open it up to fill it with air, roll the top over a few times then you can lean over it...
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    Croesor/Rhoysdd through trip that doesnt involve the two abseils.

    Correct. Turn round and there's another zip line.
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    Croesor/Rhoysdd through trip that doesnt involve the two abseils.

    I think that's wrong. You should not cross the beam with the warning sign but go in the opposite direction across another zip line. Then traverse left, abseil and you arrive back on the original route. One more abseil then takes you to the original zip line across the pool.
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    Have you visited the British Caving library?

    Can I ask how it has helped you.
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    AI Wezzit

    Kitchen sink?
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    Aids for descending overhung ledges...?

    I just place my feet on the lip of the overhang, keep abseiling without moving my feet until at least my hips are below the lip of the overhang. Then bend your knees, place one hand against the rock and move your legs beneath the overhang. If you're feeling dynamic you can keep abseiling (with...
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    Small mammal to greasy slab

    No. Especially if you can't climb Tom.
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    Club trips

    The YSS do roughly the same thing. The meets list is organised a year in advance with easier trips on Sundays. Changes due to weather etc are discussed on WhatsApp or in the Helwith Bridge pub. Digging trips are organised via WhatsApp. Attendance varies depending on the weather, the trip and...
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    Problem at Braida Garth in Kingsdale, last night.

    I think it was the Yordas gate that was left open. Maybe the CNCC could offer to install a style by the Yordas gate and put some signs on the others.
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    Problem at Braida Garth in Kingsdale, last night.

    Braida Garth have had a rough weekend. Somebody let all their pregnant ewes out onto the Kingsdale road yesterday as well.
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    Breakthrough in Mulu

    What is the literal translation of 'je ne sais quoi'? I've asked several fluent french speakers but none of them know.
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    Stone shelter on Whernside You could ask here if they know who the best person to talk to is. They have a campsite and a cafe on the 3 peaks route so they're ptobably used to daft questions from the public
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    Stone shelter on Whernside

    Somebody could ask the farmer. If they've been around for generations they'll probably at least have a theory.
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    Fixed Aids and Safety Installations

    How is that relevant to caving? The stats for caving say something completely different.
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    Trying to find 2 lads Try this lot
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    Boxhead - Cracker in WET conditions

    The initial crawl at the bottom of the scaffolding in 'It's a Cracker' can become a white water stream when it's VERY wet