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  1. wellyjen

    Doing titan soon any thoughts on my SRT kit

    Taking this at face value and given the comments made about the suitability of various items in the rig. Can you do a hanging rebelay, where there is no rock to put your feet to give you a leg up, as it were, when changing from one rope to another? Titan has one of these and it has been the site...
  2. wellyjen

    Doing titan soon any thoughts on my SRT kit

    Can't be. Troll stopped making caving specific gear years ago. :)
  3. wellyjen

    Lunar caves

    They need to look for dustbin lids. Proof, if it was needed, that the moon landings were filmed in a barn in England.
  4. wellyjen

    Small club hut?

    With an entrance pitch that can be set up for either SRT, or ladder/lifeline.
  5. wellyjen

    Access changes for Robinsons' Pot

    Apostropocalypse averted. :)
  6. wellyjen

    Just Landed: the New Fenix HP35R

    Able to vaporise a Swaledale sheep at a distance of a quarter mile in spotlight mode! By Vaelta at the English-language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,
  7. wellyjen

    Does anyone have a spare snoopy loop?

    Beware! Many years ago, when spits were in common use, a caving friend used this arrangement, but continued the bungee cord all the way to the spanner. One day he was in a crawl and noticed something dragging at his arm. Turning, he saw a stretched out bungee cord, with the spanner far in the...
  8. wellyjen

    Petzl duo fault?

    Both the battery box and the headset use insulation displacement joints to connect the internal metal strip conductors to the wires that run between them, similar to a scotchlok. Once that joint corrodes, it goes high resistance. As you've found, they are difficult to fix without destroying...
  9. wellyjen

    Petzl duo fault?

    If you remove the custom duo module and stick a couple of dressmaking pins in to the holes that the module plugs in to, you have access for the multimeter to check the voltage that the module is seeing.
  10. wellyjen

    Cutting Edge: Fear of Falling.

    Almost certainly not. I first came across the Pantin in 2003 on a China expedition with long pitches and they hadn't been out long then. There were a couple of rope walking techniques that were based on using a Basic jammer, either on the foot, or at about knee level, with bungee to keep them in...
  11. wellyjen

    Women's Kit - Club Oversuit suggestions needed

    The key feature of Warmbac suits is that they get round diversity issues by being cut to properly fit no one!
  12. wellyjen

    Cussey Pot - New resin anchors installed and rigging topo published

    Well done to the Cussey bolters and the DCA. I've updated the What Can I Rig data in the @aricooperdavis app with rope lengths for the two main routes down. There will be a Crewe rigging topo to complement the DCA one in due course, but we'll need at least one trip to take a look at the new...
  13. wellyjen

    Good caves near PSM? (France)

    Couey Lodge is good. Entrance is close to the road between Saint Engrace and the ski resort at PSM. Needs a fair bit of string, but suitable for a smallish group over about three days, rigging and derigging. Grotte d'Arphidia is also fun, but this is now used for guided adventure trips, so don't...
  14. wellyjen

    Northern Lights

    Just goes to show that real life is a rubbish substitute for what our smartphones can provide. It might have satisfied the easily impressed in the primitive centuries before Steve Jobs and Jony Ive released the first iphone, but not any more. Those that view everything via a screen have the...
  15. wellyjen

    CRTT - No rope of Croesor 1st Pitch

    The boat across the flooded chamber just before you enter Rhosydd is the problem. It has hung up, or sunk in the past. See a previous thread. There have been modifications to improve the reliability, but not something I'd be willing to trust being there and working, without an option to turn...
  16. wellyjen

    BCA pros and cons

    This is why third part insurance is so important for unincorporated clubs. In the even of a claim, then the lawyers will go for the richest people in the club and try and prove negligence on the part of the club, its officers and members to collect from those with the most assets. Many clubs...
  17. wellyjen

    Peak District Rigging Guide. CCPC

    Peak Caving Club have added some extra stainless thru bolts to protect a couple of exposed traverses in Snake Mine. Useful additions to the options for rigging here. The two Snake Mine topos have been updated to reflect the changes. One is over the top of the 140' shaft, for those heading...
  18. wellyjen

    BCA pros and cons

    One of the things that the insurance covers is liability insurance for clubs. For a non-incorporated club, which a majority are, being sued could mean financial ruin for officers and members. Say, on a club trip, some one gets a life changing injury, needing round the clock care and the club is...
  19. wellyjen

    Jackdaw Hole: nesting bird

    The obvious question. Are they jackdaws?
  20. wellyjen

    Carabiners - Uses & Preferences...

    Still using a steel D maillon for the harness. I have several unused in the cupboard, so probably enough to see me to caving retirement. Not averse to the various locking krab style ones. Every one I know who has switched has not gone back. I've never had problems with D maillons distorting...