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  1. francis

    Is something fundamental missing here?

    Found a link to a caving blog on one of the Norwegian caving forums, and took a peek. Found this --> picture, and it struck me that something inherently important appears to be missing  :o. What do you guys think? Francis
  2. francis

    Fixe Triplex bolts

    Has anyone got any experience with Fixe Triplex bolts? --> I think they seem very clever, in terms of it being possible to remove them for inspection and/or take them out for reusal. They seem very handy if you are going down an...
  3. francis

    3 days underground in Greftkjelen - Norway

    After 20 hours on the train I was finally in Bod?! (The picture is actually of the train station in Trondheim). 15 Min's later Kenneth, Bea and Andre picked me up at the station - we were off! It takes just over an hour to get to where you need to start walking. At the car park we met up...
  4. francis

    Film recomendations

    Hi everybody! I have started taking quite a few pics with film, and I'm curious as to which films you recommend. For B/W I use T-Max 100, 400 and 3200 + Tri-X 400. I have shot various Fuji slide films and like their saturated and contrasty colours (esp Velvia), but I have decided to go over...
  5. francis

    Pictures from Kongens Gruve - Kongsberg - Norway

    Me, my girlfriend (now fiancee) and her little brother went on the guided tour to Kongens Gruve last summer. I brought a camera with me, but until now I haven't had access to a scanner to scan the negatives. I have now got myself a scanner, and thought I could share a few pictures. Kongens...
  6. francis

    How high should a lamp bracket be mounted?

    I have just got myself a lamp bracket for my modified Oldham. I have never mounted one on a helmet before, so I'm not quite sure how high I should mount it. I have a Petzl Ecrin helmet. If anybody has a picture it would be much appreciated! Francis
  7. francis

    Upgraded Oldham - 3x Cree Q5

    I received all of the LED's for my other lighting project a while ago, and am in the process of getting a housing turned out of Al. I'm looking forward to the completion of my 7LED monster, but also realize that it won't be a very practical light to bring on all caving trips. Because of that I...
  8. francis

    Diving in Greftsprekka - Norway

    On Saturday 26 of Jan - 08, Mark, Kenneth, Odin, Bjarne, Magnus and I set off on a trip to Greftsprekka, a 265m deep cave in northern Norway. The objective of the trip was to carry diving gear down to the sump so that Mark could do a dive to try and connect the cave to Greftkjelen, a cave that...
  9. francis

    Headtorch project: 1000 lumen +

    Me and a few friends are going to build ourselves some super headtorches for use in deep mineshafts. I own a Petzl Duo with a 1W LED in place of the halogen bulb, but I would like something a bit more powerful. We are planning on using 4-6x Cree XR-E Q5 that give off approx 228 Lm @ 1A @ 3.7V...
  10. francis

    Measuring trigger voltage of old flash guns

    I have got some old flashes that I haven't dared to use on my D80 because of the risk of frying the electronics. How should I go about measuring the trigger voltage of the flashes? Is there power in the contacts as long as the flash is on, or will there only be power when it's on? If so is the...
  11. francis

    Herzog Ulrich silver mine - Kongsberg - Norway

    Me, Andreas (desses) and another friend of mine decided to go on another trip after our success at Spitegrenda. We had to apply for a permit for this trip, as the mine is in the protected zone. The mine is part of Underberget, a row of mines on the hillside that follow the same vein. Samuel...
  12. francis

    Small silver mine at Spitegrenda, Kongsberg Norway

    Me and a friend went to one of the smaller mines in Kongsberg (Norway) where we both live, for an evening trip after uni. None of us had been to the mine before. Infact, by the looks of things, nobody had been there before us. There were no bolts there from before, and no signs of any traffic...
  13. francis

    Which lenses do you use for underground photography?

    Hi, I'm curious as to which lenses you guys use for underground photography. I have a Nikon D80 and have used it underground on a few occasions. I have only used the 18-70mm f/3.5-45 kit lens so far. I have a 50mm f/1.8 too, but I think that will be too narrow. For lighting I use an SB600...
  14. francis

    Question about the Nikon SB600 flash

    I have found out that the SB600 can't strobe, which is a pity but not such a big deal really. What I can't work out tho, is wheather it is possible to trigger the flash remotely without having to make the flash on the camera go pop? I tried setting the built in flash to "--" in the commander...
  15. francis

    Avatar size problem

    I am aware of that my avatar is large pxel wise, but the forum used to rescale the picture so that it fittet the standard size. Does anybody know why it suddenly grew to it's pixel size today? Francis
  16. francis

    Which rope diameter for bolt climbing?

    I have been thinking of making a Raumer stick up clone to make aven climbing efficient (does anybody know the exact dimensions of the stick up?). I'm not quite sure about what sort of dynamic rope I need. Which rope diameter is the most...
  17. francis

    My first go at underground photography

    I went with a friend to bolt a short 10-12m mineshaft some weeks ago. My dad had just given me a camera to use underground, and this was the first time I tested it. Camera: Pentax P30. Lens: Vivitar 28mm f2. Flash: Exakta with guide nr. ca 20. Film: Fuji Superia 400 ASA. Editing: Auto...
  18. francis

    Sideways loading of hangers OK?

    Hi, I have seen some pictures of some P38 longlife bolts that have been put in with the eyelet horizontally to the direction of force (I am also curious as to how 8mm Vrillee and 10-12mm Coeur hangers perform when loaded sideways). This scenario isn't mentioned in the manual/datasheet on the...
  19. francis

    Evening trip to a few small mines in Kongsberg (Norway) (With pictures)

    I have moved to the other side of town so I decided to have a look a a few small mines that are only a 10 min bikeride from my house. These mines are not part of the main mining area in Kongsberg, but are still interesting. I only took a helmet and light, so I didn't decend the vertical bit's...
  20. francis

    Installing Kubuntu linux on a laptop. Help needed!

    Tried to install Kubuntu on my laptop today, an Acer 8202WLMi, X1600 mobile, 1.66GHz Centrino dual, 120GB HDD, 1GB RAM. When trying to install it finished loading the files and then gave me a screen full of artifacts and unreadable graphics. Any ideas as to how o get arround this? I am aware...