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  1. beardedboy

    Best approved Belay devices for Vertical (Level 2) Cave Leader

    Just reviving this post because I have just seen the new Petzl NEOX. It is EN15151-1 and rated for use with EN1891 semi-static rope. This device is very close to a gri-gri, which BCA class as an inappropriate device for belaying (even though the current version is rated). The main reason seems...
  2. beardedboy

    Scout Group Numbers

    Many thanks everyone. I have emailed the info centre with the POR error and asked them to update.
  3. beardedboy

    Scout Group Numbers

    Thank you. Being blind!
  4. beardedboy

    Scout Group Numbers

    I agree that 4-8 is what I have been working to, however, where does it actually say that? I can't find it anywhere specifically in the link you sent. I may just be being blind though.
  5. beardedboy

    Scout Group Numbers

    Question: What is the minimum and maximum group size for a scout caving group? Background: I've always understood it to be min 4 max 8. However, reviewing POR there seems to be a discrepancy. " No underground activity must not be undertaken by a party of fewer than four." If you...
  6. beardedboy

    Scout Cave Leader Training

    Thanks for the rapid responses everyone. I knew that UKCaving was the right place to ask! Will
  7. beardedboy

    Scout Cave Leader Training

    I have been an active caver for many a year and have recently become an assistant Scout Leader in West Yorkshire. I have asked the activities commissioner if there is a Scout Caving team here and apparently there is not. I would like to do the relevant training and have seen on here that...
  8. beardedboy

    Olympus TG flash cover

    I have just purchased an Olympus TG5 following it's great reviews on here. I intend to use it with remote flashes, either using my old fireflies or the Yongnuo type flashes. I blame all of this on winning a Peli case from the UKC hidden earth raffle. I need something to put in it! Anyway, I...
  9. beardedboy

    Shiney Home Made Lights

    Having seen the Cree in a Duo thread and Rob's 1500 lumens, wide angle film and photography light thread, i decided that i would show you what i have been up to recently. Quite some time ago I put 2 Q5s into my duo. I have not touched the insides of the duo because I know how delicate they...
  10. beardedboy

    FOUND: Backup light

    I found a green Princeton Tec Attitude backup light floating around at the bottom of Juniper Gulf. It looks like it had been there for quite some time, however, to praise it's waterproof capabilities (and probably bash-ability), it still works!  :clap2: It has a name written on the side of it...