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  1. littletitan

    New Book - Peak Rock

    In memory of one of my idols of cave photography; the late Giles Barker, I'd like to introduce people to a great new book entitled Peak Rock Giles Barker lost his life while caving in Spain in 1992. He was an accomplished cave photographer and a member of the Red Rose CPC and Morgannwg CC...
  2. littletitan

    For Sale - Peli Case 1400

    Advertising a BRAND NEW black 1400 Peli Case complete with warranty and foam insert. This unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof case is ideal for protecting an SLR camera and lens with space for a flashgun/spare lens/batteries/cleaning cloths and so...
  3. littletitan

    Cave Photography Workshop

    A couple of Sunday's ago I held a cave photography workshop at Poole's Cavern in Buxton, Derbyshire. It was well attended and the feedback was great! The whole day was dedicated to teaching the participants the basic skills and techniques that you need to make a photograph underground in a cave...
  4. littletitan

    Nat Geo (cave) photographer - Stephen Alvarez gives talk

    For those that might be interested, Nat Geo (cave) photographer - Stephen Alvarez shares his experiences photographing caving expeditions across the world at the Annenberg Space For Photography in Los Angeles: For any budding cave photographer, there are many tips to pick up in the Q&A that...
  5. littletitan

    More successful British caving in the press.

    Caving in Gunung Mulu National Park. Should also be in the paper tomorrow. Enjoy.
  6. littletitan

    new photo site

    Thanks Mark for sharing your work with us all. Ignore 'Cave_Troll' and his comments. After looking at your work, you don't need to be taking any advice from him.  ;) Keep them coming! - Robbie Shone
  7. littletitan

    Stuck in 'Bob's Push' - Utah

    Spare a thought for this guys predicament  :o
  8. littletitan

    Caving in Borneo

    Anyone at a loose end and near Settle this friday evening may like to know that Matt Kirby is giving an illustrated talk on The Mulu Caves Project and Gunung Mulu National Park.  Location is the Victoria Hall, Settle (close to Booths supermarket).  Doors open at 7p.m.  Tickets cost ?7.  Matt is...
  9. littletitan

    The Millerton Caves (north of Fresno in California)

    Has anybody got any information or experience with The Millerton Caves in California? Apparently they are carved from granite and are very wet/active. I was wondering if somebody on this forum might have been in the past or know of anybody who has caved in this area of California? :-\
  10. littletitan

    The Scurion 'K'

    Has anyone on here got/tried the new Scurion 'k' Mine is on it's way, but was wondering how good these things are and what type of light they throw out? i.e beam, spot, super-wide angle, blue, green white? Good for photography, using as light source...
  11. littletitan

    caving stories from Mulu

    Anyone interested in Mulu caving or just reading exploration stories could check out and follow the links to 2009 'full exploration stories'.  This will probably be the best published account of the 2009 Mulu Caves Project Expedition which extended the Clearwater Cave...
  12. littletitan

    Ireby fell cavern

    The big news is that the whirlpool dig has finally gone through to Ireby 2.  A huge thanks to all those who have helped with the project especially the Grand Days Out this year.  In total 135m of passage was dug out and a silly quantity of sand shifted.  There is still a little more to do...
  13. littletitan

    Idiots at flood entrance

    What the hell are you boys doing?  What's the real story?
  14. littletitan

    Cave Photography Exhibition

    Robbie Shone is holding his first Cave Photography Exhibition.  :bounce: It will be held from 2nd - 31st July 2007 in the Castleton Visitor Centre in the heart of Derbyshire's finest caving area. Prints will include a number from Titan (Peak Cavern) as well as those from numerous expeditions...