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    Apologies for my tardiness in responding, Slit Pot it is indeed! As for explanation I am led to believe it was some kind of climbing style pull through involving the tying together of a 40 and a 30m rope (I'm not a climber and don't really understand it). But this then started to twist as it...
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    I'll jump in :) Encountered this unorthodox rigging at a pitch head this week...
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    Fenix torch lens issue

    Wow, I've never encountered someone have a similar melty lens issue on a fenix before! here's a picture of mine :) I had it on the flood lens however. I cottoned onto it being heat damage quite quickly as i'd been noticing a distinct electrical burning smell emanating from somewhere (which is...
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    CHECC Sponsorship Update

    Oh no, there’s been a handling incident with some donations! Wanted to give a big thank you to Warmbac for sending all of these our way, the support is very much appreciated (your generosity led to every comp prize at SCHECC having a Warmbac element 😉). You can now read more about Warmbac...
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    First Aid Kits

    Two dead batteries, a tourniquet and a pregnancy test.
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    Caving club fun ranking

    Amusingly every CHECC committee member currently hails (or formerly did at least) from one of the Welsh uni clubs hahaha.
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    Charity challenges

    Maybe the Three Peaks should be re formed to doing it as fast as traveling via public transport between them can allow?
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    SCHECC Competitions

    Hey besties! From my reckoning SCHECC is in a week, so I thought I’d actually get round to working out some competitions hahaha. Most importantly there are bed nights available to be won at SCHECC. For your club to be in the running to win x2 lots of ‘2 nights for 8 people’ at the TSG you will...
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    Caving Memes

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    Caving Memes

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    What do you talk about on trips?

    If you've got time to talk you're not caving hard enough. :rolleyes:
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    Caving quiz :-)

    Poking people stuck in squeezes?
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    Caving Memes

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    I am a student caver

    Are you?
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    Caving Memes

    Poor UCWCC (although their services to the Cwm Dwr crawl are very much appreciated).
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    Caving Memes

    In regards to the recent additions in OFD1
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    OFD fixed aids updates

    The steps look very swish! One of the freshers does seem slightly annoyed it was put in the day after their trip rather than the day before though hahaha!
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    Future CHECC Venues?

    Thornbridge did show up in the search for venues this year, personally thought it looked really good! Regrettably it only surfaced quite late on in the process, realistically after the suitable cut off point would have been to go ahead with a national CHECC in the peaks, especially with the...
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    Caving Memes