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  1. A_Northerner

    Titan to Peak Connection/Cow Arse Worms Levels

    Of the people listed I can see those involved with/leading active efforts in Ben’s Dig, The Flatmate, Western Highway, and other quieter projects 😉. And one of them is doing whatever Ben Marks is up to, at any given moment in time.
  2. A_Northerner

    Cussey Pot - New resin anchors installed and rigging topo published

    Used the topo on Thursday. Rope lengths were spot-on.
  3. A_Northerner

    Shhh.... Cussey Pot had some new Bolts

    Coming out of the bedding crawl from Inglorious that leads to the tube down to Loper. Couldn't be arsed going down and up that tube just to see if it was open so guessed from the air movement. If there are other places it could have come from then fair enough, I'm not super au fait with all the...
  4. A_Northerner

    Orgreave Rally

    I'm planning on heading down there 👍 ya boy Scargill is speaking and I think Jarvis Cocker is talking for a bit too.
  5. A_Northerner

    Shhh.... Cussey Pot had some new Bolts

    We went last night (just a quick evening bounce to Inglorious Bastards) and judging by the draught coming out of the entrance I'd imagine Loper is open. General conditions aren't super wet anyway, weather has been miserable for a while but no massive downpours.
  6. A_Northerner

    Caving Memes

  7. A_Northerner

    Is the cave in the BCA logo Alum Pot?

    If I remember correctly, the iconic window into Alum Pot was chosen because Long Churns is often the first cave done by newbies to the sport (certainly in the Dales) and the first time you see the view out into the Pot is an unforgettable experience. It's a great choice, and clearly proven so...
  8. A_Northerner

    Caving Memes

    Top tip: Student landlords usually play fast-and-loose with property law. We sued one landlord during undergraduate and bought a Scurion 1500 with the proceeds.
  9. A_Northerner

    Caving Memes

    Moose, shortly before opening up the entrance to Titan.
  10. A_Northerner

    Vegan food

    this line goes pretty hard ngl
  11. A_Northerner

    The Dump

    The Internet can be used to communicate things over distances exceeding 90 miles these days, and in real time! And I'd say that Riftpotter posting this thread on a public discussion forum implicitly gives Danielle the right to comment on it.
  12. A_Northerner

    The Dump

    Speaking as a BPC member, I'm fairly sure it went out on various club communiques that there would be a joint birthday party hosted by the younger members of the club at the hut this weekend. I was aware of this, and I don't exactly read club emails religiously so it was well communicated to...
  13. A_Northerner

    Caving club fun ranking

    Yep, seems like this is the era of Welsh supremacy. When I first started it was Southron supremacy, then we had Botch Botcherby, First of His Name, King In The North and protector of Uni Clubs. Ireland is due its moment any time now, followed swiftly by the Glasgow Uprising.
  14. A_Northerner

    Caving club fun ranking

    Student caving culture comes in waves, as generations of members come and go with high turnaround. If you'd tried to draw this chart at CHECC in the year or two before Covid, when ULSA/SUSS formed most of the CHECC and BCA youth committee, you'd have something that was pretty much completely...
  15. A_Northerner

    P8 Dig Diary Number 2 - Bens dig

    Recent update The SUSS efforts in Ben's Dig continue. Following a period of heavy digging down the sandy tube, we began to look at the teetering mound of sediment that loomed above the dig face with cautious dread. The tube is slightly less vertical now and we have cut 'steps' into the dense...
  16. A_Northerner

    Caving hut tierlists

    Honorary mention for the old school SUSS Hut up at Rowter Farm.
  17. A_Northerner

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    Exactly, DCRO have 2 vehicles and I think we only have 3 or 4 people that can drive them. It's simply not true what Ed is saying about needing to be a driver to join the team because you might need to drive a vehicle. Maybe in the '70s when you might have been called on to drive a Land Rover up...
  18. A_Northerner

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    How far into your own shakehole did you have to reach to pull this statement out? I'd say as a cave rescue volunteer you'd be far more likely to be needed to man a radio, or go underground than drive a team vehicle. As for attending a second call out, this implies you're already in attendance of...
  19. A_Northerner

    Caving Memes

    Updated version
  20. A_Northerner

    (Winnats head) The wood above the slot in Winnats is snapping, and the slot SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED! A warning to all!

    When Winnat’s Caver is telling you not to do Winnat’s, you know some serious shit has gone down.