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  1. Mulu Caves Project

    Mulu 2017 Expedition preliminary results

    The expedition has now mostly returned from the field nursing a few scratches and bruises and one dislocated shoulder (relocated and recovering well). Initial results are as follows: 21km of new cave passage were explored, surveyed, photographed and recorded. In the Hidden Valley, a total...
  2. Mulu Caves Project

    USB to Dell Axim PDA lead

    Does anyone have a lead that goes from USB to a Dell Axim PDA for charging they could lend me for a month?  (not the cradle type) It's useful for recharging the PDA at underground camps and some pesky students seem to have disappeared with mine. Thanks Mark
  3. Mulu Caves Project

    Installing pocket topo .net compact framework on PDA

    this BEC page is very helpful: the link takes you direct to the download for .NET compact framework...
  4. Mulu Caves Project

    Caver post to Jerry Wooldridge

    Anyone Peak District/Sheffield based likely to see Jerry in the near future? I have a few reports for him...
  5. Mulu Caves Project

    DistoX2 needs USB port refitting

    Is anyone able to fit a usb socket into a distoX2 for me (the last one detached from the printed circuit board). Some pints will be provided if so... If it's possible to get it done in the next week and given to Ben Kent, Nicky Bayley or Rich Hudson that would be fantastic. I can send it to the...
  6. Mulu Caves Project

    Mulu 2017 Expedition

    Final preparations are being made for the 2017 expedition based at Mulu National Park Headquarters and the remote Hidden Valley. Main objectives are working in the Cave systems under Gunung Api, especially Clearwater Cave (the 8th longest cave in the world at 215km surveyed length). 1) A team...