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  1. Tony_B

    Cwm Dwr rockfall - please avoid

    Yes, the choke is on the main through-route. No, it was not a consequence of the winter weather. I believe (although I have only heard this secondhand) that the rockfall might have been caused by a caver venturing off-route.
  2. Tony_B

    Cwm Dwr rockfall - please avoid

    Over the weekend of 23/24 March a significant rockfall took place in the boulder choke in Cwm Dwr. There are loose boulders in an unstable condition, in an awkward part of the choke, and it is hoped that remedial work can be undertaken next weekend. For now, though, please do not enter Ogof...
  3. Tony_B

    Dan yr Ogof survey

    Further to the above, I have been contacted by the two leading lights of the DYO resurveying project. Neither wishes to engage in discussion on UKC and I have been given the go-ahead to act as spokesperson. I quote: "Over the years ( 1998 to 2017 ) [we] (plus a few others) have surveyed...
  4. Tony_B

    Dan yr Ogof survey

    Apologies that I am a little late to this conversation, but having once been an enthusiastic user and contributor to UKC I got a bit fed up with so much of the toxicity on display, and I now only occasionally check in to keep an eye on topics to which I might have an interest. Like this one. A...
  5. Tony_B

    Dan-yr-Ogof re-opening - advice to cavers.

    COVID-19: Advice to cavers regarding access to Dan-yr-Ogof. As you will be aware, at the moment Dan-yr-Ogof remains closed to both cavers and visitors under the coronavirus restrictions imposed by the Welsh Assembly, which differ from those in England. At the time of writing the showcave...
  6. Tony_B

    SWCC HQ closed

    In common with other clubs across the UK, SWCC took the decision last weekend to close its HQ until further notice. Cave keys have been removed from the premises. Thanks to all for your co-operation and understanding.
  7. Tony_B

    Access to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I

    Could I direct cavers intending to visit Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I ('bottom entrance') to the sticky post at the top of the Wales forum, please? Recently SWCC has received complaints from the adjacent landowner about inconsiderate cavers parking in...
  8. Tony_B

    Kit left in locker room.

    Last week I came across a carrier bag in the locker room at SWCC, containing two items of SRT kit. If they are yours, send me a PM with a description and I'll tell you how to get them back. 
  9. Tony_B

    Car security at popular sites

    Over the Christmas break, a few of us took a walk along the old railway line from Penwyllt to Coelbren, to go and see the impressive post-downpour Henryhd falls. We arrived at the car park to find two cars with freshly smashed rear windows, and the owners had their post-Christmas holiday in...
  10. Tony_B

    Hallowe'en events in Dan-yr-Ogof, 26-31st October

    Just when you thought that turning out the lights and ignoring the doorbell on 31st October was enough to avoid the dreaded Hallowe'en, now it's going to disrupt your caving too - if you want to go into Dan-yr-Ogof. The DYO company livens up half-term by running some Hallowe'en events, and as...
  11. Tony_B

    Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - Top Entrance open again

    Further to previous threads, I am told that the Top Entrance to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu is now open again. You might need to dig your way in through the snow at the moment, though!
  12. Tony_B

    Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I video

    I've finally got round to putting my Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I video on YouTube: OFD1Video Made last year, this was my first foray into video and there are things I'd probably do differently now, but I hope it's worth seven minutes of your time.
  13. Tony_B

    'Wales Tonight'

    Hi all, SWCC should be featured in the 'Club Life' piece on 'Wales Tonight', ITV Wales this evening. As ever with these things, 'contents subject to late change'. Should be on the ITV Wales website after broadcast, I'll post the link when it is. Thanks to everyone who helped on the day.
  14. Tony_B

    Road Closure

    Anyone heading to Penwyllt (SWCC) or to Dan-yr-Ogof should be aware that the A4067 - the main road up and down the Swansea valley - is currently closed, outside the Ancient Briton, after a landslip. Beware that the recommended diversion route is...
  15. Tony_B

    Video Editing Software

    I've just ordered a GoPro Hero 2 with a view to shooting some caving video. Anyone got any recommendations on which editing software to buy, or avoid? 
  16. Tony_B

    Buying a new camera? This is worth looking at.

    The other week I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 from Jessops. While I was doing the paperwork I was offered the chance to take out an insurance policy that includes accidental damage for three years. Not, I emphasize, an extended warranty (I dismiss those out-of-hand, as they're a rip-off) but...
  17. Tony_B

    SWCC owns Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I

    South Wales Caving Club is pleased to announce that it has recently completed the purchase of around seven acres of land including the entrance to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I. At the end of 2010 the club was approached by the Toye family, who have owned the cottage and land at Y Grithig for many years...
  18. Tony_B

    Back from the Vercors

    By now everyone should (I hope) be back from our adventures in the Vercors. Over the course of two weeks we managed to do... Trou Qui Souffle - Saints de Glace through trip, Cuves de Sassenage, Grotte Favot, Scialet du Toboggan, Gour Fumant, Grotte de Gournier, Grotte de Bournillon, Grotte...
  19. Tony_B

    Off to the Vercors

    SWCC (well, some of us) are off to the Vercors tomorrow. If anyone wants to call in and say hello, we're at Camping Les Eymes in Meaudre. Safe journey to all heading out, see you there.
  20. Tony_B

    IMPORTANT: Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I Access Changes

    Cavers please note: you should no longer reach the entrance to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu I ('Bottom Entrance') through the garden of the cottage at Y Grithig. For many years cavers have enjoyed the benefits of a permissive route to the OFDI entrance through the landowners? garden. The cottage is...