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  1. davel

    suggestions for a non-srt trip in North Wales?

    The bottom level of Bwlch y Plwm, from which the next level up can be reached by scrambling up a stope. Catherine and Jane mine (which is not far from Bwlch y Plwm and could be combined with a trip there). Rhosydd slate quarry (which would be useful if you are ever contemplating the...
  2. davel

    'Caving Memories' / 'Wilky' DVD - anyone recognise this?

    Yes, I would agree that the photos look to be from the early 1970s, I was thinking of a date for the production of the DVD itself.
  3. davel

    'Caving Memories' / 'Wilky' DVD - anyone recognise this?

    The surveys look like those published in Northern Caves, the first volume of which was published in 1988, so that might help to date it. However, the Great Whernside area map on page 17 of my copy of Northern Caves 1 is not the same as the one shown at 00:06 as my copy does not have the mile...
  4. davel

    North Wales - Tourist / Show Mines Recommendations

    For a four-year-old the Great Orme Bronze Age Copper Mines museum would probably be your best bet. There's car parking on site, the walking distances are short and there's no age limit. There's also a good AV presentation before going underground - and the underground tour is self-guided so you...
  5. davel

    AI Wezzit

    Hole in one!
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    AI Wezzit

    Please ignore the icy picture above – problem between seat and keyboard :oops: Try this one instead ...
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    AI Wezzit

  8. davel

    AI Wezzit

    Simpson Pot
  9. davel

    Cave Rescue Incident Management System

    For more information about SARCALL see Dave
  10. davel

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    Link should be Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any information as to where or when results will be published. Dave
  11. davel

    how did you get into caving

    Same caves and almost word for word including Hardrawkin pitch being too wet, Lancliffe could be describing my first day out with my university club (in my case MUSS) in October 1968. Dave
  12. davel

    how did you get into caving

    A possible late addition to the options in the poll might be 'Books'. In my case (and probably many others) it was Underground Adventure (Gemmell and Myers, 1952) and Ten Years Under the Earth, The Darkness Under the Earth etc. (Norbert Casteret, various English translation dates). These titles...
  13. davel

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    Red Dog Pot?
  14. davel

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Sometime in the 1960s I saw a porter throw a small package from one platform at Bangor station to another. The two platforms concerned had four running lines between them, so probably at least 13 m ! Dave
  15. davel

    Mines in the News

    Item about Ty Gwyn adit, Llandudno in the Daily Post at Dave
  16. davel

    NRW Mine Works

    NRW have announced an "intention not to prepare" environmental statements for works as part of the NWR Metal Mines Project - Flow Gauging and Monitoring Structures at the following sites: Castell Mine: installation of a flow monitoring structure (weir box) on a lagoon overflow at SN 77449 81256...
  17. davel

    Nant y Mwyn Lead Mine

    I've just come across a Coal Authority project to reduce pollution from nant y Mwyn lead mine - see Dave
  18. davel

    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    It's not just you – I also get the same error. Dave
  19. davel

    Bill Bailey likes being underground...

    Interesting report on the tunnels at Dave
  20. davel

    Proposed Renewable Hydro Electric Scheme at Cwm Cynfal, Llan Ffestiniog - Again!

    Article on Daily Post Dave