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  1. CaverA

    Spanish guidebooks

    Just an idea. I'm looking for any guidebook relating to Spanish caves and printed in English, or maybe a Spanish guidebook which could be translated. Thank you. Sam.
  2. CaverA

    What is?

    A conservation at the pub brought about this question. What is the vertical distance between Swildon's entrance and the top of the 20'? Thanks. Sam
  3. CaverA

    Goatchurch survey

    Hi, I'm looking for an on-line survey of Goatchurch. Can anybody help? Sam.
  4. CaverA

    Late night research

    I was just doing some late night research and actually came across something that caught my attention. Is it possible to gain access to Bristol Water's 'Line of works' its meant to be a line of underground tunnels, pipes and aqueducts that conveys 4 million imperial gallons of water a day to...
  5. CaverA

    Caving numbers

    I would like to know the number of cavers in the UK? I'm assuming that BCA keeps records of this type of thing is the information easy to get hold of?  And of course I understand that organisations such as Darkplaces will not be included in this census. So how many members make up Darkplaces...
  6. CaverA

    Graham help!

    What does this word mean? I've searched the on line dictionary and they don't know. Ponor - I've included the full sentence. "Morphological investigations show that from the early Holocene onwards, Niedzwiedzia Cave belonged to a closed system, and contact to the surface only existed by...
  7. CaverA

    Mendip weather on-line question!

    I'm not really sure how to word this, so here goes. I'm looking to make contact with a club member who can answer questions regarding Mendip's weather station. Basically I need to calibrate a couple of data loggers and was hoping I could come and sit outside the Wessex caving hut for an hour...
  8. CaverA

    GB and Permits

    Could anybody tell me where I get permits for GB from? I've been before but I've never been the one responsible for getting permits. Was considering a trip tomorrow. Cheers Sam
  9. CaverA


    If any Cheddar Members are going to Hidden Earth this weekend. I was wondering if some would  mind transporting a package containing some data-logger equipment, and either deposit it in the hands of Nick Williams or an SUSS member? Cheers Sam
  10. CaverA

    Eastwater question:

    What is going on in Eastwater? There is a notice posted at Eastwater farm, but I didn't read the whole thing because I was going down North Hill. Thanks Sam
  11. CaverA

    Wanted: Studies in Speleology ed Ford and Cullingford

    Please I looking for a either the actual book or a photo-copy of the chapter on Cave Meteorology. Actually the photo-copy would be better if poss. Thanks Sam
  12. CaverA

    Caving Related Literature

    I'm trying, with out much luck, to track down any literature regarding air movements underground. Specifically literature on the mechanisms which drive cave droughts? I've been in to see Jrat and in his extensive collection of books, but sadly this seems to be an under-reported subject in...
  13. CaverA

    Dissertation help!

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you might be able to help. Starting to panic slightly as Summer is coming and I'm meant to submit a full Dissertation proposal along with health and safety considerations and begin testing ready to write it up next year. However I'm having equipment troubles! I'm...
  14. CaverA

    Novice cave

    I know this has probably been covered before. But I'm thinking of take some friends caving, they have done Rods pot before and really enjoyed it. But I'm not really sure where to take them next? I was thinking Goat Church, but I'm planning to go on a Sunday and I don't really want to hold...
  15. CaverA


    I'm considering buying a new rope. I've decided to get it from Caving supplies: But I can't decide which rope to get. The choice is between the Mammut Pro-static 11mm which according to the web-site is a heavy duty caving rope suitable for rescue and...