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    Can anyone lend us an underwater drill?

    magnetic switch would be simpler and easier to control ... reed switch in box with relay to be main switch and then bring a magnet next to the box to turn it on
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    Colin Furze discovers a cave

    Colin discovers a small cave draft while digging a "secret" tunnel. I am impressed with his stealth digging tools.
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    could this be the future of surveys ?

    This indiegogo looks rather interesting
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    Hang Son Doong photo article

    might be of interest
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    survey tools

    cam across might be usefull for cave surveys ..
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    megagrip helmets and harness

    Hi I have come across megagrip ( they  appear to have cheap but good looking kit. Has any one used the technibat ( if so is it any good ? Is there anywhere that stocks this stuff to try it on for...
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    trip sugestions

    Hi all me and some friends are off to the peak next week. If the weather is good we plan to be outside but if it starts to rain are more than happy to go underground. Any suggestions on places to visit near the Roaches that are safe in wet weather. We all have a bit of experience but mostly in...
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    glue and a blade mount

    Hi all I have a petzl meteor helmet its very comfortable and fits my odd shaped head well. I would like to add a blade mount to it to use a sten. The helmet is made of expanded polystyrene and so drilling is not an option. I was wondering if anyone had ever successfully glued a blade mount to a...