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    Does the orpehus hut have Wifi?

    ? Thanks
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    Backdoor Box Mine

    Can anyone tell me if backdoor is accessible at the moment looking to go this Sunday. Thank you - also if someone could confirm the size of the 'key' that would be greatly appreciated
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    Petzl Duo 5 Led Module for Sale

    Hi, I have a spare 5 LED module for the DUO going if anyone would like to buy it. I bought it earlier this year and changed it out for a custom duo so it was never used. PM me an offer if your interested. Happy to post or use caver post where possible.  Thanks.
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    Can I borrow a Pulley ? (Reward Offered)

    Hi, I am going to France Thursday evening and I realise I am missing a 2 Wheel Pulley, Does anyone have one I could borrow? Would need to be suitable for a steel cable. I am happy to pick it up Wednesday evening or Thursday afternoon from the Bridgwater / Mendip region. Very willing to...
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    abime de bramabiau

    Hi, I was hoping that there might be someone on here who could provide me with some information about this cave in France. I understand that it is partly a show cave so there might be some issues regarding access. So if anyone had information on how to get permission to do the through trip...
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    Lost Helmet and Light Manor Farm 15/12/2013

    Hi , I might have left my helmet at Manor Farm or at the belfry - its a blue spelio with a detachable duo, the helmet says will on it. If anyone finds I would be very very happy. Thanks
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    Mendip trips this Weekend.

    Hi. we have had a last minute change of plans from Wales to Mendip, is anyone around who would like a couple of people to join them on a trip or would be willing to show us something new. We would be very happy if there was. Thanks All.
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    Otter Hole: Wetsuit yes or no?

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    DYO leader for this Saturday - 3rd Aug (Or Sunday)

    Hi I was just wondering if there were any DYO leaders that might be able to lead a trip for a few Mendip cavers that are heading up to Wales this weekend. we would love a trip on Sat if possible but Sunday would be good too, if your free and would like to lead us it would be hugely appreciated...
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    Croesor Rhosydd

    Hello. I am looking to find out a little more information on the Croesor Rhosydd Trip. Primarily I am looking to find out the number ropes and lengths needed, as well as if the route finding is difficult. We are hoping to do the through trip towards the end of the summer. none of us have had a...
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    A week in South Wales

    Hi, I am looking for suggestions for caves to do in South Wales. I will be staying at SWCC with one other person between 7th June - 16th June. We have done the usual OFD trips and Little Neath as well as an Aggy Trip. Does anyone have any suggestions for other trips that would be good to do...
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    Found: Speleo technics Battery (nova?)

    Found about a month ago in west twin brook, leading to goatchurch / sidcott swallet. let me know the name written on the yellow connector point and i will find a way to get it back to you. Will
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    White Pit Key

    Hi all. i am looking to see if i can get hold of a white pit key for this Sunday. Is the cave open to visitors at the moment? and who should i talk to about getting the key. one of our party has been before and so counts as a leader. Thanks in advance. Will.
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    mendip in the snow.

    considering a weekend in mendip rather than risk Whitewalls where i was booked in. what is the best way up to mendip in the snow.
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    new to cave photography.

    Hi i have recently become interested in cave photography and have done two photography trips recently in GB and Hunters Lodge inn sink. would love some tips and some constructive criticism. Many Thanks. Link:
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    Trip to Yorkshire this week help!

    Hello yourkshire! I have a friend heading up your way soon and she would love to escape the family for a day and pop down valley entrance to kmc or a similar trip of that level. No srt I'm afraid. If anyone would be willing to take her round that would be amazing. And beer shall be your reward...
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    Caving this weekend

    Hi all was hoping for some advice from the wise men and women on here. Caving on mendip this weekend and I can't decide what to do. My options / thoughts are. 1. Waterwheel. Has any club got a key or is it only the activity centre and what are the chances of getting hold of the key over the...
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    Little neath

    Coming up to wales this weekend and wanted to do a ofd 1 round trip but can't seem to get an voluteers to show us around. So we were thing ing of little neath as a back up trip. What is the water level like currently? Can we still get In and around? Thanks
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    Top entrance

    heard it had been shut due to damage. is it open again ? when will it be ?
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    White pit

    White pit. I have heard many stories of lost sections, bang fumes and it being effectively closed by spoil heaps. What is the current status of the cave. Also any more information on the cave would be great. Thanks everyone