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    What do you take with you?

    A drink, several small snacky things, small spare light, gloves if you aren't wearing them, tie/clip the key to the bra
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    Anyone Got a Cave, Passage, Formation to Name?

    Queen's Jubbly
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    Ladies wellies

    Have to say I can relate to hannahb's experience of working hard to get them off but have always blamed my choice of socks. The bonus is they don't slip and cause blisters and are secure when climbing
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    Ladies wellies

    Can't fault trad. black Dunlops I do need room for calves and have small feet. My Dunlops lasted for ages and were good to climb in. I can only recommend trying a few pairs on with your version of caving socks. If they fit grit your teeth and buy them - although mine were not too expensive from...
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    Pre WW2 caving in South Wales

    Note to self Look at the date of the thread before posting 😣
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    Pre WW2 caving in South Wales

    T.A.J Braithwaite was a WCC member - their first Welsh Secretary I think, poss 1938. He studied at University College Wales, def involved with Neath Valley as his name appears in the guide to South Wales. Not to be confused with caving brother/s Platten seems to have moved over from Mendip to...
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    hidden Earth 2022 - is there going to be one?

    The last one was in Wrexham....about half way between Mendip and the north? Could go either way but getting going again is more important
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    hidden Earth 2022 - is there going to be one?

    Wasn't there a problem with the bar being run by various venues because they didn't believe how much beer we needed? Dalesbridge was great but when the weather turned it all got a bit damp and muddy. Indoors is probably more practical. Are there places out there if we did pay more?
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    What caving related thing did you do today?

    Checked out the cost of going to the International Conference France in July :oops:
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    Interwar caving

    I've just read the biography of Jock Nimlin which includes stories about unemployed climbers from the 30s. There was a whole lifestyle based on climbing and walking. Does anyone know of similar stories of unemployed cavers managing to get underground between the wars?
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    Ned Cunnington, Ogog Wynntog

      Does anyone know where Ned Cunnnington died, or able to provide a link to a source of information? Ta  
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    Explosives between 1919-1939

      Does anyone know what the rules were about storing /using explosives between the wars? I know war service led   to some cavers having a working knowledge, but was it legal to use it?
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    Lost Wellies at Cavefest weekend

    I lost an old pair of size 4 black Dunlop wellies at Cavefest in the Whitewalls changing area. I couldn't find them at the end of the weekend and someone thrust a pair of black ones in my hand and said 'here they are'. I didn't look closely. Then when I went to put them on recently I realised...
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    Bristol Speleological Society

    Does anyone know anything about the 'Bristol Speleological Society'? Around in the 1930s and referred to in Wessex CC circulars. I've asked a couple of people at the Wessex without any definitive answers, so any information would be useful. Thanks
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    Apparently one of their dinosaurs is missing.....
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    Oldham Caving Club or Oldham District Speleological Society

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the above clubs -or any similar Oldham based group? I've come across a mention of an Oldham club but can't find any further information. Thanks :)
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    Henri Brenot and Monkeys

    I looked these ascenders up, so I know what they are. They came into use in the 30's. What I'd like to know is how the French cavers descended at that time. Anyone know off hand?
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    Northern Cavern and Fell Club

    Can anyone tell me if the Northern Cavern and Fell Club logbooks/ club documents have been placed in an archive anywhere? I saw some emails about them but these were from 2002, and an attempted contact bounced back. Thanks
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    There are two Andrew Sparrows

    As I read a thread about the atttack in London today I came across 'Andrew Sparrow has left Westminster'. Obviously I read on. It seems there is another Andrew Sparrow working for the Guardian.
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    Info about women caving before World War 2

    I'm doing some research around caving. I'd like to hear about women who caved with their families and friends, or clubs from the late nineteenth century up to 1939. There must be so many small stories that won't make it to books, but are still part of caving history. I'd like to know how they...