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    Adding Caving Club links to 'New to Caving' website

    Does anyone out there know what is happening to link submissions placed on the 'New to Caving' website. I have posted two link submissions for Devon Spelaeological Society and neither seems to have appeared. Does anyone have a pm address for the moderator (if there is one). Grateful for any...
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    Advice needed on Caving in The Ariege/Aude area - France

    Hello All, Our intention is a club visit to the Ariege/Aude area this summer.  We intend going for a week to the Villefranche le Conflent to Vernet les Bains locality and have already identified 3 quality canyon trips.  Not sure about the caves though. gives three what...
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    Grotte de la Diau - Accommodation

    Hello All, Our club is thinking of doing the Tanne de Trois Betas - Diau traverse in late summer/early autumn 2016.  Is anyone out there be able to recommend any simple gites/hostels/bunkhouses in the area ?  Roofed accommodation would be preferred but we wouldn't rule out camping.  Has anyone...
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    French SRT Anchor abbreviations - Help Please !

    Hello All, Can anyone help enlighten me on the anchor abbreviations the Froggies use on their SRT Topos ?  OK I get it that AN = Amarrage Naturele (natural anchor), that S = Spit, that Dev = Deviation but what do 'B' and 'Y' stand for.  Nearest I can get to 'B' is that it means 'spindle'
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    Accommodation in the Doubs

    Our Club intends visiting the Doubs late Summer / early Autumn next year - specifically the village of Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne which is next to the Source of the Verneau, one of our caving objectives. Does anyone have any personal experience of simple gites/hostels in this area in the last couple...
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    Parking for access to Little Neath River Cave

    Good evening, Does anyone have any information about parking for access to Little Neath River Cave, Bridge Cave etc.  I know that for some years the farmer at Blaen Ned Isaf Farm has not allowed parking (although he used to, years ago).  Has anyone approached the farmer at Berthlwyd farm (700m...
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    Llethridd Swallet and Tooth Cave

    Hello All, Devon SS are visiting the Gower next weekend (weather looks OK) and hope to do Llethridd and Tooth. I've heard that Llethridd entrance series may be blocked by roof fall - does anyone have firm information about this. Also, is a wetsuit really essential (as Tim Stratford advises)...