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    I read today that Ukclimbing had been hacked and some data taken. Now I have highlighted this perhaps UKC can take defensive steps. Cobz
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    Schoolhouse Cave

          I am now approaching 81 and its 53 years since Bill Frakes and I discovered Schoolhouse. During that time, apart from a report written by Bill for an ULSA news sheet, nothing has been written describing the circumstances leading up to the discovery. So here it is. Bill and I visited...
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    I see reading the news today that the Leakey family have another Victoria Cross.
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    Making Trespass a crime again

    Has anyone read the latest BMC newsletter concerning a new proposed bill relating to trespass being prepared for parliament. I would have thought that a bill like this could be disastrous for caving, being unique in its style of access for caving, digging, or just having a look at a particular...
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    bob Leakey

    I am surprised that there has been no mention on this forum of Bob Leakey's passing and yesterdays funeral in Giggleswick. Perhaps fellow cavers have comments to post and some may want to recall and pass on their memories to others, about one of the last old great caving pioneers.