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    Banff Mountain Film Festival - Caving Films?

    I have been to several of the Banff Mountain Film Festival showings in theatres over the years, and yet have never seen anything relating to caving. Do they not like us? There must be plenty of short films being made in the U.K., Europe, and the USA that would showcase our fantastic sport of...
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    South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team Fundraising Appeal

    The South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team are currently holding a campaign to raise funds to replace essential stretchers and communication equipment. The COVID19 pandemic has disrupted some of our funding. Any donation you can make will greatly assist the Team and you can do that by...
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    Warning Agen Allwedd 2nd Choke

    The Agen Allwedd 2nd Boulder Choke suffered a collapse of boulders on Saturday 29/6/19. At the final part of the choke where you climb down into the low streamway from Mud Rose Chamber, there is a warning sign posted by the Agen Allwedd Cave Management Committee advising of the choke?s...
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    New Caving book on Slovenia

    I have just received a copy of the new book ?Slojame-Guide to the most beautiful Caves of South Western Slovenia?, written by Sandro Sedran and published by the S-Team. The book is 360 pages long, and contains all the info to find and explore the majority of the caves of the region. The book...
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    Rich Mountains of Lead

    Rich Mountains of Lead-The metal Mining Industry of Cwm Rheidol and Ystumtuen by Ioan Lord, published by Vale of Rheidol Railway. I have just bought copies of this book for myself and my Caving club and whilst I have not read it yet to provide a review, I can tell that on flicking through it...
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    Caving Books For Sale

    Caving Books for Sale Chelsea Speleological Society has some duplicated books to sell so we can realise funds to buy new ones! The books are in very good condition and all have typical library stamps and markings. The books are offered to UK based cavers. Cost of postage will need to be added...
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    SMWCRT Rescue Practice & Auction Saturday 8th September 2018

    SMWCRT Rescue Practice in Agen Allwedd When : Saturday 8 September 2018 Where to meet : Whitewalls, Chelsea SS, Llangattock Start time: 09:30h for 10:00h start with finish time no later than 17:00h. Following the Rescue Practice an auction of retired equipment will take place. Please note...
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    Earthquake in Swansea Valley

    At 2:30pm today, there was probably the largest reported UK earthquake event in ten years, measuring between 4.4 to 4.9 on the Richter scale. It?s epicentre is described as Cwmllynfell south of Penwyllt. From my personal observation in Morriston, northern Swansea, it sounded like an explosion...
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    SMWCRT AGM Sun 21/1/2018 09:30am SWCC HQ, Penwyllt

    This is an invitation to Team members and Associate/Affiliate Clubs to attend the SMWCRT AGM at 9.30 a.m. on Sun. Jan. 21st in the Long Common Room, SWCC HQ, Penwyllt.  The meeting will be followed by a round robin of training activities / workshops.
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    South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team AGM Sun 21st January 2018

    This is an invitation to Team members and Associate/Affiliate Clubs to attend the SMWCRT AGM at 9.30 a.m. on Sun. Jan. 21st in the Long Common Room, SWCC HQ, Penwyllt.  The meeting will be followed by a round robin of training activities / workshops.
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    Dan yr Ogof closed to cavers on Fri 3/6

    This article appeared in Saturday's South Wales Evening Post. In short, Mr Price, the owner of Dan yr Ogof, will not be permitting any caving trips in DYO on Friday 3rd June...
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    SMWCRT Rescue Practice, Auction and BBQ @ Llangattock on Sat 4th June 2016

    South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team Tim Achub Ogofau De a Chanolbarth Cymru CAVE RESCUE PRACTICE, AUCTION OF EQUIPMENT AND BBQ SATURDAY 4TH JUNE 2016 The Team will be holding a Cave Rescue practice in Eglwys Faen, testing out, and training people in the use of underground communications...
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    Cave Rescue Auction Sat 29th June at Whitewalls

    The SMWCRT will be holding an auction of various items to raise funds for the team. The auction will be hosted at the Chelsea SS HQ Whitewalls on Saturday between 17:30 & 19:30pm. If you want to bag a bargain come along, but park cars in the Daren Cilau car park as parking will be very limited...
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    Crickhowell bunkhouse accommodation

    Not sure if this is generally known, but the Britannia Inn in Crickhowell offers bunkhouse accommodation for ?15 a night. It has very basic kitchen facility and a couple of bunk rooms sleeping up to 8 people. There are 2 rooms for couples at the higher cost of ?20 per person per night. You'll...
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    Where can I get this?

    Anyone know where I can buy a copy of 'Grandes cuevas y simas del Mediterraneo' by V.F.Rico? Does anyone stock it in the UK? Cheers PT
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    Llethrid Swallet - Gower

    Has anyone been down Llethrid lately and if so, how far did you get? I keep hearing stories about it being blocked by debris in the entrance series streamway. I want to revisit the place after several years..... Cheers
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    SRT Harnesses - What's best?

    I've caved for a number of years and have been quite at home using the Petzl Super Avanti sit harness which has been fine for getting me up and down most piches. However, in the last couple of years [I've grown older and middle age spread has altered my body shape a bit!] I've noticed that on...
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    When the thaw comes.....

    Like a lot of people, I have been enjoying the exceptional snow conditions existing on Wales' mountains at present. The Carmarthen Fans have become alpine and are currently in fantastic condition. So, no thoughts of caving for the present whilst these conditions last, especially as most of the...