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    Google and caves

    On Thursday 14 April google are using Hang Son Doong as their doodle. This is the date the cave was fully explored and a complete survey produced. I believe they will be links to images and videos from google home page that day to the cave. It may be the first time caves have been on Google...
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    2 minute video of a new cave /jungle adventure tour Hang Ba Vietnam

    This is a short new video of 5 amazing caves Hang Vom, Hang Ba, Dai Cau, Maze Cave and Short cave. This proposed 3 day cave/jungle adventure is remote and challenging but will be well worth the effort. Some of my favorite caves i have ever explored. Please see link below...
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    short video we made in Phong Nha river cave Vietnam

    Short video we made in Phong Nha river cave involving 3.6km of easy paddling to nice phreatic passage. see link and enjoy
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    i will try again and post images of Xe Bang Fai cave Lao

    More pics hopefully correctly downloaded this time- enjoy
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    a few great pics from Ryan Deboodt from Xe Bang Fai cave Lao

    Had a great trip the other year making a video and taking a few pics with Deb, Watto, Ryan and few staff from Oxalis Its a fantastic cave 15km long with a 7.5km through trip in a big river passage. Quite near Vietnam border so reasonably easy access for our team. Hopefully will be a new world...
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    JC in Vietnam

    Notice JC was born in a cave in Vietnam-quality. He also was a big lad when born
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    New IPA beer

    Just arrived a new IPA beer Son Doong along with picture of Doline 1 on the bottle.
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    Taking Miss Universe caving

    Hi A short video of Miss Universe/Vietnam caving in Son Doong. A tough job but someone has to do it! Hope the link works
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    new postcards of caves

    Here in Vietnam we have produced 5 new postcards all being sent to customers as a thank you for helping out during covid times.
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    Article in Vietnam airlines magazine

    A short article about 30 years exploration of caves in Vietnam. Ignore the many incorrect facts but enjoy the pictures. It is in both Vietnamese and English.
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    A short video showing what British cavers achieved in Vietnam

    A short video showing 30 years of cave exploration in Vietnam and how it changed the lives of so many people Enjoy
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    Uk team quarantined in Vietnam

    Half of the UK team caving in Vietnam have just finished a 14 day quarantine sentence, although 6 of the days were in the jungle. All fine and tested negative. Probably because of the large amount of alcohol consumed whilst in lock down. The other half continuing the expedition have found around...
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    J rat's diary

    Hi Does anyone know how i can read J Rats 1992 diary from Vietnam. Cheers
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    Laos expedition 2020

    A team of 7 UK cavers have just finished a 12 day expedition to Laos. A total of over 20 km of excellent passage was explored . All caves were in the Boualapha district in central Laos close to the Vietnamese border. 2 major caves still continuing and one cave explored to 16km. Full report to...
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    behind the scene video of Son Doong cave

    A short BTS video of how we (mainly Deb) helped make the music video down Son Doong See link below
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    music video in Son Doong cave

    Released on 27th December, we helped make a music video with Alan Walker team down Son Doong cave. In one day over 2,000,000 views on you tube. Deb Limbert, Martin Holroyd and myself and over 50 porters assisted them in this project. His last video with music called Faded was watched by 3...
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    cave festival Vietnam

    Just visited cave festival in Vietnam. Over 10,000 people watched it live and over 5,000,000 viewed live on national TV. Lots of videos of caves including British divers diving Hang Son Doong this year. Also lots of dancing girls!!
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    New cave beer tin

    a new beer can introduced in Vietnam with cave picture on can. Fame at last for caving!!!