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    Source of non-magnetic screws for DistoX2

    Japanese Screws 
Heads and All Threads

 Kettles Wood Drive 
Woodgate Business Park 
United Kingdom 
B32 3DB 
t: +44 121 506 6300 
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    New firmware for DistoX2

    There is the new update of firmware for DistoX2 on
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    Therion 5.3.15

    There is the new version of Therion software 5.3.15 available for download: http://therion/speleo/sk/downloads/ For MacOSX you may use homebrew installation: brew install homebrew/science/therion
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    Therion 5.1.14

    The new version 5.1.14 of Therion software is available for dovnload FINALY the contextual menu (right click mouse) works!!! in map editor window. It is possible to switch off inactive scraps in map editor too!!! For *nix users: You need to recompile only...
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    Disto X2 finally available!

    Disto X2: check: The best Christmas present for some of cave surveyors. :beer2:
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    Success at Sardinia!! The connection between large cave system Blue Marino and t

    Success at Sardinia!! The connection between large cave system Blue Marino and the cave Su Molente has been finally discovered! The group of Czech-Slovak-Polish cave divers have managed to find the connection, which has been searched unsuccessfully for many years, on Sunday 6th of October...
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    Archive DVDs, 160 years
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    Tool for remote + IR reconnaissance Most promising tool I ever saw. Only questions are availability and price.
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    greenbreaktechnology - Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power Cartr - harmless gas generation, not explosion (after definition).
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    No more DistoX calibration! Happy end?

    Check pictures. Link for these nonmagnetic babies is:  :idea: 5 ? per one?  ;)
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    Special power strip for expeditions

    Where you should charge all those mobiles, accus, comps, ...
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    16. International Congress of Speleology, Brno, Czechia, 2013

    16. ICS Brno 2013 prospect
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    Hydromining Divi?ova cave, T?nčany, Czechia There is a short English comment too
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    Next generation? Who will write software to track the movement underground?  ;) m.
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    Using of avalanche beacons to find the conjunction of caves.

    On URL: you may find report of results of experiment with using of avalanche beacons to find the conjunction of caves. Here is google translation: The prior report: Martin
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    Another rangefinder modified to DistoX Stabila LD-50

    As is mentioned on Beat's link page, the conversion kit will pass to Stabila LD-50 too.
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    Are caves stable? and others use Slovak->English Martin
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    very precious continuous measurement of temperature translation: - Google "bull rock" is the name of cave
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    instrument for hard explorers