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    The former Pig Yard Club museum in Settle

    I remember the museum that Pitlamp recalls in the 70s - just a bit further up the street than Settle Watersports but on the opposite side of the road. I found this mention "The Museum of North Craven Life was founded in 1976 by the Settle and District Civic Society, then chaired by Alan...
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    The former Pig Yard Club museum in Settle

    Forgot to add I went with Lugger when I was a NCC member back in 1965 walked up the hill to find the museum was closed - Tot Lord died in 1965 so I think it closed after Tots death
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    The former Pig Yard Club museum in Settle

    It was at the top of Constitution Hill past the Co-op "In 1948 he bought Townhead, a delapidated mansion overlooking Settle, and turned the ground floor into a museum, which included the finds from Victoria Cave, including those from the museum at Giggleswick School, which were in danger of...
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    Liverpool university pothole club

    just trying to find out if Liverpool Uni pothole club are still active
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    Grouse shooting same as other sports

    Grouse shooting can be done with up to 30 people so the news says So looks like caving can now be done by more than 6 on a trip, :beer2: Or am I mistaken?
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    Access to the caves of Fountains Fell

    The Coates family at rainscar house have asked me to post the following To protect us from the Corvis-19 virus please DO NOT CALL AT THE FARM for permission to cave on Fountains fell.we would prefer that you do not go at all but the choice is your for the moment stay away from the farm please
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    Yss hut closed

    Just to say the YSS have closed all their facilities to Members and guests for the foreseeable future. Let's hope it is not too long.