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    Mine Exploring on BBC2

    "Ancient Invisible Cities" - a section where they go exploring and 3-D scanning a silver mine in Athens. Looks like the mining bit has just finished - but will be available on iPlayer <edit>There's another bit where they explore an underground Roman aqueduct, which is quite interesting.
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    Giant's Hole track - problems?

    I've heard a few rumours from others that the track leading from the road to the Giant's car park is blocked. Does anyone who is closer know more before we make the trip tomorrow?
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    Bagshawe streamway - another inlet?

    I was in Bagshawe cavern the other day, and we followed the upper main passage past the Hippodrome, and then down the Blackpool Sands and through the muddy crawl to the stream passage. Water levels were fairly low compared to what I've seen on a previous visit. It was only because I was filming...
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    My first SRT trip - P8 (Jackpot)

    In mid-September I had joined a DCC "try caving" trip in Peak Cavern as my first "proper" caving trip - along the main streamway and a few side passages visiting most of the main easily accessible sumps. In mid-October a few members of the club had organised an SRT practice day in the quarry at...