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    Paperless surveying training, South Wales 18/19 Feb 2017

    After the fact, but just for the record: The Cave Surveying Group held a training meet at SWCC on 18th/19th Feb. 14 people were trained. Andrew Atkinson led the training, with help from Wookey, and Duncan Simey.                                                                                 ...
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    How many caving clubs, and how many caves?

    A simple survey about UK caving practice (mostly with respect to surveying) also asked how many caves and how many caving clubs there are in the UK. I found it surprisingly difficult to find out a plausible answer to either of these questions. BCA must know approx how many clubs there as most...
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    Eurospeleo to Cambridge space after 1st weekend (Sun/Mon)?

    Does anyone happen to be driving back from Eurospeleo at the end of the 1st weekend, or on Monday, with a space and could drop off in/near Cambridge? Tess would like to come for a couple of days but not a whole week :-)
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    Caving in Oregon

    I curently have two weeks in Oregon/N California (between conferences) and I know there are lots of Lava Tubes around, but as US cavers never say where their caves are, info on places to go which won't be completely full of tourists is thin on the ground. Can anyone give me any info on places...
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    Occams releasable anchor

    This is pretty funky: Occam Releasable Anchor A devious bit of rigging (intended for canyoning) that lets you unclip the hang crab with a bit of cord from below. Anyone tried it for real?
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    Cambridge UCC journal lost in the Belfry

    I took some caving books on a novice meet, staying at the BEC on night of the 14th Oct. One was the fine 2012 Cambridge Underground. People read it. Later that evg (whilst the BEC were throwing axes and playing very loud music) I tried to round up my books to avoid them getting covered in beer...
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    When were the pitch and roof-step symbols first used?

    I've just been sent the following mail, looking for info on the history of the 'ledge symbol', by which I think he means what we call 'pitch edge' and 'ceiling-step' symbols. I really don't know the answers so thought I'd ask here. I've also posted it to the cave-surveying mailing list...
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    Lost: Well-loved spanner in Boggarts Roaring

    Did Boggarts Roaring on 3rd April 2010 (and a very fine pothole it is too - one is suitably boggled at all the capping it took to generate :-). However somewhere down there (near the bottom I think) my trusty spanner which I have been using since I took up potholing in 1987, snapped its string...
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    Cave Surveying Group meet, April 18th, Yorkshire

    This year's CSG field meet will be in Yorkshire on Sunday 18th April, at the YSS.             We will be covering the new craze of fully-electronic surveying with DistoX and PDAs. You will be able to try out the kit, learn the techniques and find out the pros and cons, before forking out for...
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    Cave Surveying Group Meet, 19th April, SWCC

    The CSG will be holding a meet on Sunday 19th April, the day after the BCRA Tech Symposium, at SWCC. The primary theme for the weekend will be magic electronic surveying with DistoX, sending readings by bluetooth to a PDA running Auriga or PocketTopo. Svein Grundstr?m will talk on the...