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    DistoX2 modified software

    Does anyone have a copy of the software that was written for the 'Poor Man's Laser Scanner' at The copies here no longer seen to exist. I was after the continuous reading function that was available with this modification.
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    UCSW stands for ?

    I came across an inscription in carbide at the end of a passage in the Summertime Series in Agen Allwedd. We believe we were the second party to enter this passage as there was very little signs of disturbance. At the end was an inscription in carbide 'UCSW 14.4.62' . I have failed to find any...
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    Therion 5.4.0

    Latest upgrade to Therion is now out. It now exports the .3d information so that you can see the data by more than just altitude. Now you can see it by date, error, length or gradient. I'm sure there are other nice fixes and bugs removed.
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    Agen Allwedd - Second Choke moving?

    I had a trip in on Friday and the final section of Second Choke after dropping through the hole with the sign seems to show signs of movement. I normally do a short section in the stream before climbing up a couple of feet and then sliding down passed a pendant that does not quite touch the...
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    Ogof Pont Gam and Ogof Nant Rhin CLOSED on 5th September

    On Monday 5th September a trial blast will happen at 14.30 approximately in an area close to Ogof Nant Rhin. So Ogof Pant Gam and Ogof Nant Rhin will be shut all day with notices placed in them warning of the activity. Please abide by these notices. The test blast is being monitored in Ogof...
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    Photography and Tape

    This has been dragged from another thread. Yes, tape can be removed by post processing and it may have been done, or the model was so far over the tape that it was not visible. It just seemed wrong to me. I would have liked to see something to keep the tape fixed to avoid its movement...
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    Battery found in Ogof Craig a Ffynnon

    Found during 2012, and not claimed from Whitewalls.