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  1. Pony

    Nare River TV Program

    I've got a vague memory of, probably a World About Us episode of the British Nare River expedition. I recall Gillette grappling irons being used to cross the raging whitewater. No amount of searching has yielded a result, so if anyone knows of where or even what the program was called, any...
  2. Pony

    Buxton Bin Racing .

    Does anyone have any photos of the above at Hidden Earth there. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  3. Pony

    Goyden Pot Rockfall

    Just a heads up. was down t'other night and noticed a block of about 3/4 ton had dropped off the wall at the very top of the main chamber. Also a lot of smaller material has been washed out from between the boulders of the floor of the Main Chamber. Always happens on the big floods, for instance...
  4. Pony

    Knarsborough Caves

    Most folk will have heard of Old Mother Shiptons Cave in Knarsborough. This isn't a "propper" cave a such' a geological non conformity. Knarsborough sits on magnesium limestone and the river Nidd cuts quite an impressive gorge through the town. In the past when i was "up to no good" I found a 3...
  5. Pony

    Water Tracing

    Can anyone help with the general princiiples of water tracing?  Any articles in circulation? I am wanting to ascertain the courses of various inlets in the Manchester Hole/Nidd heads system. From what I have gleaned so far is that due to habitation upstream of the system the use of optical...
  6. Pony

    Mobile gravel slopes in sumps

    I ve been thinking about the self filling gravel slope in the downstream sumps in New Goyden. This obstacle is obviuosly a major detterent to further exploration to the system. What techniques are available to us to make such a hazard acceptable?  I can not recall off hand the length of this...
  7. Pony

    Archimedes Helix

    Has anyone had any experience using an Archimedes Helix pump ? Was wondering what height it would be effective to. Looking about 15 feet rise.
  8. Pony

    Goyden Big Window

    Has any one been to Mud Hall via the Big Window lately? Last time I was there the base of the boulder slope up to Mud Hall was being washed away, that was a couple of years ago. Is it still OK. Cheers
  9. Pony


    Ow do. Been on Cave Maps for the first time tonight, damn excellent. Now the eternal question. Is there a way of enlarging the surveys after down loading without them being pixelated?  I am proudly computer savy deficient, and have not got a nine year old to sort this sort of thing out for me...