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  1. Rob

    Jon Buchan

    Jon's family are sad to announce the death of Dr Jon Buchan on June 25th, after a short illness complicated by his Parkinson's and inherited kidney disease. His many expedition caving friends from PNG, China and Mulu will remember him with great fondness. His funeral will be at Carlisle...
  2. Rob

    Spirit Of Adventure at Sheffield Cathedral (PS I'm not involved, but it does look pretty cool and good for caving) Designed to be seen and heard in the unique surroundings of Sheffield Cathedral, ShAFF brings the wild outdoors into the heart of the city About this event Designed to be seen...
  3. Rob

    Bagshawe Coe Lock Issue

    An Eldon member noted today that the 5 pin lock to enter the coe at Bagshawe was no longer working, so he was unable to get in. We have let the owners know and have offered support to getting it fixed asap. In the meantime we suggest you postpone your Bagshawe trips until further notice.
  4. Rob

    Boroughbridge collection from FB Marketplace

    I've bought a disto on Facebook and the chap is only accepting collection. Is there anyone in the Boroughbridge (YO51 9GY - Jn38 of A1M) area that would be happy to collect and post it to me please?
  5. Rob

    Bric4 Survey Tool

    [This has been available for about a year already, surprised it hasn't appeared yet on UKC] Interested to know if anyone in the UK has yet bought or used a Bric4? If so, how is it? Does it integrate with TopoDroid well? Were you stung with high...
  6. Rob

    Fallen tree at Bagshawe

    Thanks to those who have reported to the Eldon that a tree has fallen down across the path down to the coe at Bagshawe. This will be cleared within the next couple days.  :thumbsup:
  7. Rob

    Using Flash Guns with a Mobile Phone

    Mobile phones are getting seriously good for cave photography now, but after quite a bit of digging about online it seems there is no way to fire remote flashes (ideally radio triggered ones) with a phone.  :shrug: There does look like there have been attempts at some bluetooth modules (like...
  8. Rob

    Petzl Aven Caving Harness

    My current harness is wearing a bit thin so looking for a new one. Now I'm extremely unlikely to move away from a trusted Superavanti, but thought i'd have a look at the market anyway. I hadn't noticed this before. Looks very comfortable and i like the extra gear loops (although i note the new...
  9. Rob

    Caving under lockdown 3.0 (Split from Re: CNCC updated advice)

    Great that you are being proactive and giving sensible advice really soon.  :thumbsup: Can i just check one (very important) element: This seems to counteract the gov guidance which states: This suggests i'm OK to drive within my "area" (never actually defined) to then exercise in a cave...
  10. Rob

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    The Eldon's lockdown project, this cave in Eyam has been a welcome change of scene from the depths of Intake Dale Mine and has provided us with some "easy" results. Originally spotted due to the trees shaking with the massive draught firing out, a single trip opened it up and dropped us into an...
  11. Rob

    Face Visors for Caving?

    I've recently setup a company to help fill the growing need for PPE face visors, both within the NHS and also for what may become the new normal for many "ordinary" people. See for info. NOTE this is more an information gathering exercise than sales pitch. I am interested...
  12. Rob

    Old A2 DistoX not turning on

    My A2 distoX has stopped turning on. Totally bricked. I've taken it apart and nothing seems obviously unplugged or damaged. Does anyone in the know have any ideas, or are happy to take a look at it?
  13. Rob

    Intake Dale Mine Update

    JonP - Great trip, started with pre-beers. RobE - I dug the choke. JonP - I cut some scaf. RobE - Got through the choke to a draughting pitch head, but got no rope. JonP - Great result, out in time for pub ;D ;D ;D
  14. Rob

    Harken Ninja Foot Jammer

    Has anyone used one of these?
  15. Rob

    Conies Dale Pot

    Does anyone know if Conies Dale Pot is still open? We went looking last week but couldn't see anything at the GPS point on the DCA cave registry. We presumed the grid reference was wrong. We therefore looked all around on Google Earth on our phones and found a potential feature nearby...
  16. Rob

    Figures for cave exploration

    I'm after finding out how much cave is discovered each year, both in the UK and abroad. Obviously yearly figures would be ideal, but an average would do for this current requirement. The length of cave passage explored each year seems to be a good KPI of cave explorers, yet i cannot find a...
  17. Rob

    Long SDS Quick drill bit

    I use a Bosch Uneo a lot, which uses SDS Quick bits. The main problem is i'd like an 8mm bit that is longer than the standard 8x75x120, ideally ~250m so i can Hilti cap. Does anybody know if these are available anywhere? Alternatively, an SDS Quick - SDS adapter would be awesome (even better...
  18. Rob

    Long lasting padlock

    I need to replace a seized padlock in a cave. Does anyone have a suggestion of brand/model number that is good even with repeatably muddy keys? Thanks
  19. Rob

    Petzl Duo S & Z2

    Anyone used either of these? They look quite nice for caving. Interested particularly in the adaptive brightness tech, as some sources suggest it only works with other DUO users...?!?
  20. Rob

    FOUND - Scout tackle bag in Giants

    Coming out of Giants last night i found a tackle bag at Base Camp Chamber. If this is your's PM me with what's inside. There was a big party of scouts getting ready as we were going down, so presumably left from that group. Please anyone share this with local scout groups if might be helpful.