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  1. docfunk

    Crackpot dig.

    Does anyone know if the crackpot dig is still active or who was doing it ?
  2. docfunk

    Rope lengths in the dales....

    Hi all, im returning to caving after a bit of a break in both time and body haha anyhooo im looking at getting a spool of rope since what i have is 10 ish years old and my favourite caving is vertical! if i get 200m what lengths do you guys recommend me chopping it in to? nominal lengths as ill...
  3. docfunk

    Cave with green gate after ingleburgh show cave

    Went to Gaping gill on sat and noticed there is a gated entrance to a cave on the left between the show cave and Trow gill anyone know its name? as i cant seem to find any info on it, cheers.....
  4. docfunk

    drill batterys

    I have a bosch 24v drill that has 2ah batterys, I was at work today and "found" 2 12v 6ah re-chargeable lead acid alarm batterys so if i link said alarm batterys together then connect them remotely to the drill via a long cable so we can get it into tight places, will I A,get 24v and B, get 6ah...
  5. docfunk

    What rope lengths?

    I am buying a 200m drum of rope :clap2:,what lenghts do you lot suggest I chop it in to? I have been looking at hundreads of rigging guids but still cant decide :wall:
  6. docfunk

    system restore

    The girlfriend(soon to be  ex) diceded to do a system restore on the computer by mistake  :spank: wipeing the hard drive with all her uni dissatation which needs handed in by march and 1000`s of my photos any one know if it is possable to get it all back?
  7. docfunk

    Anyone need sherpas in the Dales

    I like to lug heavy stuff about underground pm me  :thumbsup:
  8. docfunk

    Who is diving/working Aquamole

    As title really, if any one has any names/contact info that would be great,Ta :thumbsup:
  9. docfunk


    Whilst caving yesterday I was looking at the blasting marks on the walls of a tight rift and they seem to be 8mm holes with some kind of brass cap in the end,can anyone enlightem me to what explosive is used and how? :shrug:
  10. docfunk

    Anyone heard of...

    SCAMPS Sheffield Cave and Mine Pursuits Society? was back in`t 70`s
  11. docfunk

    Krubera. Great write up of this amazing place.
  12. docfunk

    Bull pot Kingsdale bolts

    There is a load of very shonky DMM  P resin bolts on both  of the traverses as we found out on Sunday,Take it easy on them...
  13. docfunk

    Cave with scaffolding in entrance pitch

    It has a lid on and a mass of scaffolding to climb down I just can`t remeber the name.Oh and it is in the dales.
  14. docfunk

    Chest harness(or lack of)

    What do you guys think about using some shock cord to hold the croll instead of a "propper" webbing or other chest harness just to make things more simple,the only problem I can think of is if you were to be knocked out it won`t stop you going upside down.
  15. docfunk

    Caving clubs up north

    Anyone know what clubs are based in the Dales or further north? as I wish to join one!
  16. docfunk

    Devis hole mine

    Went to Devis hole last night for the first time,the mine is great,impressive dry(but wet) stone wall tunnels, lots of mining artifacts,carts,buckets,greese pots,rail lines and some very well preserved clog prints between the rails from the people who pushed them,the natural system is amazing...
  17. docfunk

    Devis hole mine

    Can anyone direct me from the A1 or give me a grid ref for it as I cant seem to find it on any maps,Thanks :thumbsup:
  18. docfunk

    Petzl Duobelt

    Anyone know how long the cable is on it?
  19. docfunk

    The toon

    I live in Newcastle and am looking to join any local cavers,pm me for any action,cheers.
  20. docfunk


    Is this club(sheffield cave and mine persutes society) still active in sheffield?