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  1. matthewjc

    Imperial College Contact - St Margarets Hut

    Hi Just seeing if anyone on here (Imperial college Caving Club member.?) has a contact for making enquiries regarding booking the St Margarets hut in Drws y Coed, Gwynedd. I live not far from it and thought it would make a good location for accommodation for my caving clubs North Wales meet...
  2. matthewjc

    Daren Cilau & Rain question...

    Hello, planning an overnight trip Thursday/ Friday to get down to the Restaraunt and as far beyond as we can get.... But its been quite wet up here in the north.... Anyone with local knowledge advise if its worth coming down / what are the chances of it being sumped.... ? Cheers Matt
  3. matthewjc

    Daren Cilau - This Week..?

    I'm off work this week, anyone fancy a trip to The Time Machine on Tuesday or Wednesday (I've given up asking me mates, wimps).... Could exit through Prices, I've not checked out the new fixed gear... Matt
  4. matthewjc

    nearly new knee pad found, bull pot farm road

    Found in the road by the wall / parking area last wednesday morning... Possibly one of the party we met tuesday evening.... Matt
  5. matthewjc


    Yep, I'm after an SRT trip to awe and impress a mate who has done a bit in the Peak but never in the Dales.. Ideally Weatherproof / safe in the rain.. Plenty of string, traverses / fun manoveres etc Close to the road / not a massive walk in No permit required, it will be a short notice...
  6. matthewjc

    Mid Week this week..

    Hi Im off work this week with very little planned, if anyone is up for some mid-week adventures (day / evening), ideally south Peak (would not mind a look in Youds) but more than happy to come up to Stoney / Castleton.. Or a day on the Grit if bright & dry.. Cheers Matt
  7. matthewjc

    Merlin Mine - 8ft Sump..?

    Had a bit of a jolly down Merlins with friends on friday evening, made it to Gimils Dream & Pool Chamber containing the downstream end of sump 1 for the first time, it was very wet down there with water almost waist deep & sump 1 being a long way from being open (i guess it has to be pretty dry...
  8. matthewjc

    Water Icicle Close Mine 18th Jan 09

    Took my first visit to Water Icicle Close Mine on Sunday afternoon, we were after a shortish trip and Water Icicle seemed to fit the bill.. We made it almost to the end of the lane (fun after the rain) and easily found the lidded shaft.. Rigging the shaft The decent was made - the shaft is...
  9. matthewjc

    Watericicle Close Mine - Trip Report

    After having some problems posting photos in another thread, hopefully these work ok..
  10. matthewjc

    Black Hole Swallet & Crosslow Cavern..?

    On page 38 of ccotpd (carlswark history) there is a reference to the above caves, but states they are currently inaccesable - has anyone tried to visit these caves, or have any futher information or history on them..? Many Thanks Matt
  11. matthewjc

    Oxlow - rigging advice

    Can anyone advise where a 100m rope would best be used when rigging Oxlow, ideally we want to run a few pitches together to leave us as much of our other ropes as possible for getting to the bottom/the rest of the cave, looking at the rigging guide it seems possible to string a few together but...
  12. matthewjc

    Eyam Dale House Cave Question..

    Had a very enjoyable afternoon exploring Eyam Dale House Cave yesterday, and wondered the following.. At the bottom of the first pitch, if you head in the opposite direction to the crawl to the main cave (Pearly Gates etc) there is a short low passage/crawl that seems to end in a small chamber...
  13. matthewjc

    Dye In the Trent - Inquest Hopefully no cavers have anything to hide..! Matt