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  1. droid

    Standing stones in grykes around Ingleborough

    No limestone here either...
  2. droid

    Standing stones in grykes around Ingleborough

    *Pedant mode ON* Most stone circles are Bronze Age. *Pedant mode OFF*
  3. droid

    Standing stones in grykes around Ingleborough

    Maybe Braveduck would be better communicating his scepticism to the researchers. After all, fake stone settings aren't exactly unknown to professional archaeologists....
  4. droid

    Hidden Earth 2022

    There's some good points made.... But:- Is it better to scale down the event, or not have the event at all? Which seems to be the choice made here.
  5. droid

    Hidden Earth 2022

    The 'core values' I was referring to are related to the ability to meet people in person to share information and discuss topics. Descent can share information and UKC can promote discussion (after a fashion) but neither is as good (to me) as meeting face to face. But I guess it's academic. If...
  6. droid

    Hidden Earth 2022

    Might be time to think about scaling down the event to core values. Things like information sharing and expedition updates. All singing and dancing AV presentations competitions and the like are all very well but to me they were always 'extras'. This isn't to knock the ambitions or hard work of...
  7. droid

    Silly question about Leicestershire Slate

    Yes. I think Trevor Ford cut his teeth round there too. It was a pupil at Attenborough's school that found the Charnia specimen
  8. droid

    β/γ radiation in caves and mines

    I know someone who couldn't do Giants in summer because they'd set off the alarms going into a radiologically sensitive area...
  9. droid

    An interesting, although fairly loose parallel to the Open Access Caving debate

    Yet again David you trivialise the problem.
  10. droid

    An interesting, although fairly loose parallel to the Open Access Caving debate

    I have to admire Badlad's optimism that based on the people he knows people he doesn't know aren't as bad as they are painted. He has the same argument with free access to caves. Sorry there's a small but persistent minority that DO cause problems and linking ithat to discharge of raw sewage is...
  11. droid

    Rope access:BBC

    Not a CAN or Spanset ad, but interesting nevertheless.
  12. droid

    Doolin - St. Catherine's

    Good trip this, did it 35 years ago.... ;D
  13. droid

    The colonials are at it.....
  14. droid

    Another pinion...
  15. droid

    When dye testing goes wrong....

    Remember Clapham?
  16. droid

    Cave diving rescue
  17. droid

    A balanced view?

    I'm saying nowt....yet  ;D
  18. droid

    In all seriousness

    Is UKC (or specifically 'conservation') a humour-free zone now?
  19. droid

    Online Bullying

    In a recent thread, a member of this forum has accused two other members of bullying. He's also accused me of bullying on a different thread. So what constitutes bullying? One reply to the accusation stated that bullying involved threats, and presumably intimidation. Is it possible to be...
  20. droid

    Rescue at Gautries.