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  1. LarryFatcat


    I'm going to Tanzania at Xmas, anyone have info or contacts in Tanzania re caving, lava tubes, mines etc
  2. LarryFatcat

    Odin Mine

    We have a meet planned at Odin next month and been a while since I've been there so a few qs. Where's it best to park for it now? Why is it grade V on and grade 3-4 in caves of the PD? Apart from the fixed rope and extra anchors, what are the changes in there? Other tips?
  3. LarryFatcat


    trying to get in touch with Amanda for a little while about a meet this weekend including gated. Is she OK (I have a phone number and email, mob number may be out of date?)
  4. LarryFatcat

    Croesor Rhossyd again

    I did this over a decade ago and can't remember much of it. Can anyone give me grid refs, descriptions etc please??
  5. LarryFatcat

    Open Cafes

    What cafes/pubs are open for breakfast in the 3 Peaks area?
  6. LarryFatcat

    Masson Caving Group AGM

    Masson Caving Group AGM- members should have had several reminders etc. - for the latest info email:
  7. LarryFatcat

    Anyone got any Old Crewe CPC Newsletters?

    especially numbers 70-79 please?
  8. LarryFatcat

    Breakfast in the Dales

    Where is open for a sit down full English breakfast in Ingleton, Settle etc?
  9. LarryFatcat

    Easing the Lockdown

    the PM is expected on Sunday to allow "outdoor activities"
  10. LarryFatcat

    Full Time FE Student over 18 BCA membership category?

    We have a Full-Time FE Student (was 18 in November)- equivalent of 6th form student joining our club, which insurance category- student or non-student for BCA membership/insurance???
  11. LarryFatcat

    Illegal activities

    I reported to the moderator a post which was made by someone that appears to be engaged in vandalism, against the Caving Code, and even illegal activities, the post is still up a week later and I have heard nothing. CAVING CODE 1 Cave with care and thought for the environment. 2 Disturb...
  12. LarryFatcat

    Hand Jammer Krab

    A trainee asked me what sort of krab to use to attach his hand jammer to footloop/safety link. I know some people like to attach direct or even a maiillon!!!but I usually teach extra techniques that require a hand jammer krab. It is used as the long cowstail abroad so the answer is obvious for...
  13. LarryFatcat

    Old Ash Mine, Lords and Ladies Mine

    I've not been in there for 30 years. Does anyone have any info on these that they could share or tips?. :-\
  14. LarryFatcat

    Masson CG Special General meeting

    Masson CG members please attend, caving trips have been arranged on the day for all abilities
  15. LarryFatcat

    Ashford (Rookery) Black Marble Mine

    I have a permit for this in a few weeks. Does anyone have a survey or decent description or even some sensible tips?
  16. LarryFatcat

    Oxlow 2nd Pitch Rope Length

    Going to Oxlow in the near future and had a look at the topos, Crewe and DCA. There is quite a disagreement for the required rope on the 2nd pitch which Crewe say is 14m deep (Caves of PD 12m). 2nd pitch Oxlow- (rope length) DCA- 40m Crewe- 24m anyone made their own topo or can remember the...
  17. LarryFatcat

    Jug Holes Spanner

    What size is the spanner needed for the lower adit? :wall:
  18. LarryFatcat

    Premier Acetylene Lamp Co

    Does anyone remember this company? I got a missed call from Buxton and put the number into Google. It came up as the "Premier Acetylene Lamp Co" but the address gave it away as Caving Supplies.
  19. LarryFatcat

    Cavers rescued in Virginia after being trapped for more than 47 hours
  20. LarryFatcat

    Good places to eat in the Evening

    had a pretty poor experience on Sunday in one pub (ended up having fish and chips in Bradford on the way home) Any recommendations for good evening food in the Volume 2/3 areas?