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  1. AKuhlmann

    Coal Mine Exploration - what extra kit do i need?

    Thanks everyone for the info! I figured it was quite dangerous but not quite as bad as has been explained here. I think I'll take up Pitlamp's recommendation of the museum first and see if that temper's my curiosity I think I'll look into getting some gas monitors anyway because it can't hurt...
  2. AKuhlmann

    Coal Mine Exploration - what extra kit do i need?

    Hey everyone, I've done a fair bit of caving and lead & slate mine exploring. I've been reading about some coal mines in my local area and I have a few questions about additional safety considerations in a coal environment: - gas/bad air - I assume it's good practice to take a gas detector...
  3. AKuhlmann

    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    I had this problem to I had exactly this problem today on some Tyrolean zip lines... leg loop completely failed halfway across! Thankfully it was a short zip and the other one held but it was scary. The other loop's safety had completely slipped though it held. I've never had this problem with...
  4. AKuhlmann

    Wanted: Old Tacklebags

    Thanks so much everyone - sorry for being slow on the replies 😅
  5. AKuhlmann

    Wanted: Old Tacklebags

    Please could you attach a picture? I don't really know what you mean 😅
  6. AKuhlmann

    Wanted: Old Tacklebags

    Hey everyone, BSCC (Bangor Student ...) are looking for new tackle bags on a budget - we'll happily take anything old or battered as long as it's still in a useable or repairable condition TIA Aidan
  7. AKuhlmann

    Wanted: Large Oversuits

    Hey at BSCC we're trying to increase our oversuit size inclusivity. As a new club we only really have suits that fit the more beanpole-y among us :( We're currently looking for larger sized oversuits (Warmbac L and above) from any brand at a reasonable price and not actually falling apart...
  8. AKuhlmann

    Pixa 3 Fickle Batteries

    Hey, so at BSCC (Bangor) we're currently going insane over our lighting situation (Petzl Pixa 3s)and I wanted to check if it was just us loosing our minds over it or if some other unlucky sods were in the same situation So it seems that no matter the quality of the battery, it's manufacturer...