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  1. Aubrey

    Earthquake felt on Mendip

    Did the earthquake have anything to do with Tim Allen visiting CSCC?
  2. Aubrey

    Access to Sludge Pit

    Received from the owner (Dave Nicholls) "Just  a quick note to let you know that we have fenced off a section of the Sludge Pit field which includes the current access gate.  In order to maintain access to Sludge Pit we have had a new gate installed slightly further up Eastwater Lane."
  3. Aubrey

    What are BCA playing at?

    The current BCA constitution requires a postal ballot of members to confirm any changes to that constitution. The ballot currently being organised is not a normal postal ballot and therefore unconstitutional. The result of the ballot will be subject to challenge by anyone who does not like the...
  4. Aubrey

    What caves on access land are completely barred?

    Since the CroW debate started the access to some caves has changed to our (cavers) advantage. I realise some people are still unhappy with permit systems and other forms of restricted access but I am trying to find out how many caves on access land are completely closed to the extent that no one...
  5. Aubrey

    Conservation Wardens?

    Is the use of the term "Leader" misleading? Some cavers feel it is beneath them to be "led" around a cave and therefore they object to the access controls put in place to conserve the cave. I suggest that where the aim is to conserve our caves we have Conservation Wardens not leaders.  Using...
  6. Aubrey

    Do clubs need Employers Liability insurance?

    This afternoon I had a call from the NFU insurance rep. (Our club property is insured by NFU). The lady called on the pretext of reviewing our policy and level of cover and was obviously trying to 'sell' more insurance but I was surprised to be told that we should have Employers Liability...
  7. Aubrey

    Christmas Party?

    I have just received the email below. Do they not know how bad or naughty cavers can be? Wookey Hole - Bad Santa  Bad Santa Christmas Parties at Wookey Hole Christmas is a time to be naughty and nice and what better way to celebrate than at a Wookey Hole Caves Bad Santa Christmas party...
  8. Aubrey

    Building over Pen Park Hole?

    Pen Park Hole is on the north side of Bristol so exactly Mendip! There is a proposal to build over the cave...
  9. Aubrey

    Ivor Gibbons - Eastwater Farm

    Sadly Ivor had died following his recent illness. Our sympathy and condolances go to Dorothy and the family. Please can cavers respect the family's privacy and not bother them with requests to visit Eastwater Cavern or North Hill Swallet for the time being.
  10. Aubrey

    VALE Mike Jeanmaire ("Fish")

    Sadly Fish left this world last week after a long fight against lung problems apparently caused by industrial diesel fumes. Fish was a very active Mendip caver, digger and diver in the late 60's and 70's. He was the first person to free dive sumps 2 and 3 into Swildons 4, a feat generally...
  11. Aubrey

    BCA rule changes

    I realise this should posted on the BCA web site but do not have access yet. The BCA rules are relevent to all cavers so maybe should be discussed here. One of the proposed rule changes is: 8.4 Notice of any matters to be raised at a General Meeting of the Association, including all proposals...
  12. Aubrey

    Found in Bath Swallet 2nd May

    Mailons - PM desrciption/details
  13. Aubrey

    Cuckoo Cleeves Closed

    A Wessex party visited Cuckoo Cleeves last night with Nick Williams gas tester to check the reports of bad air in the cave. Our intention was to record the level of oxygen (and by deduction the level of carbon dioxide) at various points in the cave. The tester showed an oxygen level of 20.9% at...
  14. Aubrey

    Vale Ian Jepson

    Ian died suddenly on 11th May aged 61 years. He started caving in the 1960s whilst at Beechen Cliff School in Bath and soon joined the Wessex Cave Club. Ian?s interest in caving continued for the rest of his life. In the 1970s Ian was most active, digging such sites as Sidcot Dig, Vicarage...
  15. Aubrey

    Found - Rope on Shower Pot, Bath Swallet

    last night (29th March) PM details to identify Aubrey
  16. Aubrey

    Found - Sling on Shower Pot, Bath Swallet

    Found last night (15th Feb.) at the bottom of the 2nd ladder PM description please Aubrey
  17. Aubrey

    Caving Club Tax

    I realise that most caving clubs are too small to be bothered by the Tax man but has any club ever had to pay tax on anything other than bank deposit interest? Most club activities are obviously exempt. I dont think this forum is the place for the discussion on taxation, so if anyone has useful...
  18. Aubrey

    Discussion Re: FSUE Conservation initiative

    Is this the thin end of the wedge? - Will the EU eventually control what we do underground?