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  1. droid

    Rope access:BBC

    Not a CAN or Spanset ad, but interesting nevertheless.
  2. droid

    Doolin - St. Catherine's

    Good trip this, did it 35 years ago.... ;D
  3. droid

    The colonials are at it.....
  4. droid

    Another pinion...
  5. droid

    When dye testing goes wrong....

    Remember Clapham?
  6. droid

    Cave diving rescue
  7. droid

    A balanced view?

    I'm saying nowt....yet  ;D
  8. droid

    In all seriousness

    Is UKC (or specifically 'conservation') a humour-free zone now?
  9. droid

    Online Bullying

    In a recent thread, a member of this forum has accused two other members of bullying. He's also accused me of bullying on a different thread. So what constitutes bullying? One reply to the accusation stated that bullying involved threats, and presumably intimidation. Is it possible to be...
  10. droid

    Rescue at Gautries.