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  1. snebbit

    Lost Pantin - Easegill

    I've stupidly shed my battered old Pantin at some point either on the High Level route between Lancaster and Stop Pot, or in the bedding between Stop Pot and Eureka Junction. If anyone comes across it, I'd be overjoyed to get it back in return for alcohol of your choice
  2. snebbit

    Splav Oversuit - review

    After my AV Titan fell apart after just a year of weekly use (although it was the most comfortable suit I've used) I reluctantly decided to try out a new wildcard suit in the hopes of discovering a hidden gem. I ordered the Splav Speleosuit from RusArmyShop, hoping that Soviet engineering had...
  3. snebbit

    Henning Valley (Lindale, Furness)

    Hi all, Visited Lindale iron mines at the weekend, we weren't able to find Ding Dong (B45) despite an extensive search, although we went over to Henning Valley afterwards and found a nice level. I was wondering if: - anyone can help identify whether we were in Margaret Mine horse level or...
  4. snebbit

    Six point five and three quarters

    Has anyone been recently, did the round trip of Inlet 5 to 6.5? in Notts II ever get dug back out after the 2016 floods?
  5. snebbit

    [Free] Bernies T-shirt

    Bernies T-shirt, XL, unworn. A rare extinct classic Free to a good home; either pay for delivery, collect from me near Kendal, or I'll be up at GG on Monday so can pass it on there.
  6. snebbit

    All the Easegill entrances

    I've spent some recent lockdown time visiting every entrance in the NC Easegill chapter, initially to sniff some cave drafts but it evolved into taking a photo of each. In case anyone's interested, there they all are together below. If anyone/any organisation has any use for any or all of them...
  7. snebbit

    Smeltmill Beck Cave + area (North Pennines)

    Hey guys, On my way over the A66 yesterday I decided to stop by Smeltmill Beck Cave (on the small local access road coming down past North Stainmore) after reading the 'Memoirs of a Moldywarp' article here. As I was in a bit of a rush I didn't have time for a thorough look around, I climbed...
  8. snebbit

    Novice - Runscar area

    Hey guys, intrigued novice here. So far we've only touristed Valley Entrance (to the top of the pitch), Great Douk, the Churns and some of the Runscar area caves (which my 2nd question relates to). I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for new caves we could visit, something similar to...