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  1. Balmerfish


    Happy to reunite with owner.. found upstream KMC on our way to Rowton sumps. Bits keep falling off it... Will have to keep looking for cave loot cos this looks beyond repair. Adele
  2. Balmerfish

    Metal Steps KMC

    Hi, Feeling curious regarding these metal bars that have appeared in KMC after 8ths July (i think). We saw them around 21st, and grabbed some quick pics this Saturday -pics arnt wonderful quality.
  3. Balmerfish

    Petzl Tackle bag

    Hi, Found empty tackle bag today heading towards Rowton sumps, today. Anyone lost one? Adele
  4. Balmerfish

    Mossdale Far Stream Cave

    Mossdale Stream End Cave I still feel fairly new to this caving malarky, but I have always had big plans in life so why not with caving ? I?ve written several reports about Mossdale to remember a time 90 % of which has only been shared with Simon and Ian. Not sure why I feel a bit shy, because...
  5. Balmerfish

    Dow Cave - First times.

    29 April 2018 Dow Cave Ive been bugged by James my 10 year old son, to take him caving for a year now. With a 9 year olds ability to totally disregard most things I tell him to do, we came to a agreement. If James could demonstrate that he actually possesses the ability to do as he is told...
  6. Balmerfish

    Hagg Beck Sink

    Hagg Beck Sink A nippy little trip. Ian Cummins Adele 27 January 2018 I can?t remember when I first heard of this place. Many caves the first moment I heard of them lodged into my mind. However through whatever process Hagg Beck Sink seemed to land on my radar. Discussions with Ian heralded...
  7. Balmerfish

    Juniper Gulf

    [size=10pt]Juniper Gulf AKA Juniper Gulp 11th November 2017 Ian Cummins, Fay Hartley, Leif Andrews, Adele Ward. A Club trip to one of Yorkshire?s finest SRT trips were the words Ian told me. Homing in on SRT trips?..  ?so how big is this pitch mate?? An 8am start from The North East Squad...
  8. Balmerfish

    Dowbergill - The Wrong Way.

    The White Rose Pot Hole have a Blog! Tales are to be told. Heres a little something I wrote, in June and saved it for the blog... didnt feel the urge to post at the time - I wonder why?  Chain Smoking in the Dark[/b] Dow Cave to Providence Pot /...
  9. Balmerfish

    Caplecleugh High Level - Nenthead

    Return to Caplecleugh High Level This is a sequel, this is part two.  My daughter?s love of the underground world was never to be a surprise.  It seems the most natural thing in the world.  Watching Elise tick off school caving trips with eagerness is sources of inspiration.  Progressing from...
  10. Balmerfish

    Dowber Gill

    Dowber Gill  Its good to push yourself   Having resolved to only write reports when I  actually have something to share about the experience . My intention with this report is an acknowledgement - there is a time for the novice to step up a bit, An internal discussion is resolved.   Such...
  11. Balmerfish

    New to Caving - Report.

    Small Mammal Pot/Bar Pot A Novice Caver?s Experience I have always pondered what lay beneath the hills and fells I walk across and have found this out now and want to enlighten those who also dream and wonder what is underground. Why am I writing a report that details my exploits underground...