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    Rave for Rescue - 16th April 2022

    Update on Rave for Rescue, organised by friends of George Linnane For anyone who fancies it, my record label (AutomAte) have teamed up with long time mates at Varispeed for a rave up during the day on 2nd July at Basement 45 in Bristol. All proceeds to BCRC. This is the thing that was...
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    Rave for Rescue - 16th April 2022

    Re-posted at the request of George Linnane (who is not on ukcaving) 'Some friends from the musical side of my life who are grateful I'm still alive are dragging me out of retirement for a day rave in Bristol over Easter. The proceeds are for the benefit of British Cave Rescue Council - I intend...
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    For sale - Perryfoot/Dr Jackson's

    We went down Perryfoot last night, but when we went to ask for permission noticed the farmhouse was for sale. The owner confirmed that the lot includes the access to Perryfoot and Dr Jacksons. Listing at No mention of the...
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    Paul and Gill Mackrill

    Sad news I'm afraid, via Brendan and Heather Mackrill On Monday 10th September, Paul and Gillian Mackrill, were involved in a serious cycling accident. They were on holiday in the South of France (Lozern), when they were caught on a narrow lane by a car driving too quick. Gillian died on the...
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    SUSS 50th dinner

    Sheffield University Speleological Society are turning 50 this year. To celebrate this there is a weekend of activity planned for the 27-28th August, including a dinner. All current, life or former members of SUSS are invited - we would love to see as many of you as possible. There are people...
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    Xitu-culiembro article in Mail on Sunday

    I feel ashamed for posting a Daily Wail link, but it's all good press for caving Featuring Chris Jewell - 'Rock Star'!
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    Warning - JH boulder piles choke movement

    On a trip down JH today, we noticed the scaffolded route through the boulder choke below the fixed ladders in JH has moved significantly. The scaffold has dropped and bent, the roof above it now looks very loose, and the floor is covered in loose rock, which is constantly on the move. Some of...
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    Oxlow/Nettle/Maskhill access fee increase

    Went down Nettle yesterday, and the farmer has increased the access fee to ?2, still payable at the farm. Apparently this happened in September, but have not seen it appear on the forum.
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    Slings in Stream Passage Pot

    While derigging on a rather epic trip, one of my club-mates accidently left some of my slings on the deviations. If anyone is going down there and able to reunite me with them, there will be compensation of beer. Cheers
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    Yorkshire accident Just seen this on the bbc website. Anyone know any more? My thoughts go to the family.
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    Gaping Gill Main shaft

    Had an awesome trip on Saturday - first time I have used the main shaft, and it is very impressive. Apart from being unnerved slightly by the large numbers of tourists watching we slide around on the greasy icy slab at the top, it is a great descent, and you get a very impressive view of the...
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    Pisshead managed to leave a navy blue scarf at the SWCC hut after the New Year weekend. If anyone has picked it up please pm me or her. Cheers
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    Ireby Fell

    Had a great trip down Ireby yesterday, after surviving idiot drivers on the M1 and through Bradford - I mean really, how f*&king hard is it to see a big red estate car beside you. I digress. Ideal weather, just a touch of frost on the ground, managed to get to the sump and back in just over 3...
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    Daren Cilau

    Was down in S Wales last weekend, and thought Daren sounded like it would be good. Having eventually got to the quarry, via Crickhowell for a new watch after discovering that we had left ours at SWCC, and guessing over-running our callout would not make us friends, we proceeded to the quarry...
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    Suicide - loose boulder

    This has been posted on the Derbyshire caving site On the P-bolted traverse at the end of the cave (coming back towards the entrance) there is a large (i.e. fridge size) piece of rock which has a big crack running all around it and looks like it doesn't...
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    Odin Mine

    3 of us went down on the tourist trip on Saturday. Despite the evil reputation :uhoh: I think Odin is one of the better mines to visit - especially with some of the pretties, and some impressive stempling. Got a few photos, which I will try to send in when I get time. In before midday, and out...