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  1. tony from suffolk

    Musicians Who Self-Abuse - The List.

    In normal circumstances, I've no time for these "Best Of" lists which rank artists, albums, songs etc., because I inevitably disagree completely with their contents and orders. however, I've stumbled across this particular list lovingly compiled by Norman Maslov that pretty well nails the top...
  2. tony from suffolk

    The Trajectories of Birds

    Split from:
  3. tony from suffolk

    What Has Become of Idle Chat?

    This appears to have disappeared into the ether. I have a host of really funny jokes to post (YVMV) but no place to post them to! I do hope this is a temporary situation.
  4. tony from suffolk

    Charging a Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

    Maybe this should be in idle chat because it's not a caving light, but I figured here would be a nore likely place to attract the experts in such things. I've been given a Ring LED ultra-bright compact inspection light which contains Li Ion batteries but alas there's no charger with it, and...
  5. tony from suffolk

    Things I've Learned Today.

    According to the Camping and Caravanning Club's magazine, the Yorkshire caves were first explored by pioneering french caver Gouffre de Padirac in the 19th Century, and Diccan Pot leads, via a single pitch, into the side of the Alum Pot main shaft. I did not know these facts previously.
  6. tony from suffolk

    Female Cavers - An Embarrassing Problem.

    It appears lady cavers may be rather prone to an undesirable characteristic :-
  7. tony from suffolk

    The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting.

    the elegant gentleman's guide to knife fighting - animations
  8. tony from suffolk

    Rather Sad But Interesting Find on Google Earth.

    here's the link :- And here's the story behind it :-
  9. tony from suffolk

    Errors of Judgement

    ''The Bomb will never go off, I speak as an expert in explosives." - - Admiral William Leahy , US Atomic Bomb Project "There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom." -- Robert Millikan, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1923 "Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons." --...
  10. tony from suffolk

    Keswick Mining Museum To Close.

    Sadly, this excellent museum will be permanently shutting its doors at the beginning of October. Ian Tyler, the current owner, is finally retiring and has been unable to find a buyer for the museum so its contents will be sold off piecemeal. If anyone gets the chance, go and have a tour while...
  11. tony from suffolk

    Forum Advice on How to Buy Kit.

    A rather witty spoof on how excited folk become when spending money, whether it be their own or other people's (much more fun). Enjoy!
  12. tony from suffolk

    The Sad Death of Kim Jong Il.

    A great tragedy - what a wonderful human being! - Kim Jong Il The Great Brilliant Commander
  13. tony from suffolk

    Helpful Amazon Reviews

    As a regular user of Amazon, I find the user reviews quite useful. As an example the various user opinions on the BIC pen - - have proved very helpful for my purchasing decision.
  14. tony from suffolk

    The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense.

    I though this was rather good -
  15. tony from suffolk

    For Sale - Ropes, Ladders and a Host of Other Stuff.

    The time has come... After a great deal of heart-searching, I now realise the chances of me doing any more serious caving are past (although I hasten to add, I?m somewhat slimmer than my Avatar would suggest. Hell, I don?t even have a beard!) so I?ve decided to sell my kit. The items I?ve...
  16. tony from suffolk

    Copies of "Descent" from no3 to no201.

    A very close caving buddy of mine sadly died a couple of years ago and I inherited his set of Descent magazines from issue 3 (there's what appears to be a photostat copy of no2 as well) to no. 201, less copy no. 24 (which might be in the pile & I just overlooked it) Any money raised will go to...
  17. tony from suffolk

    Has anyone dug here?

    Thinking back to my younger days, I remember in 1965 or thereabouts myself & a mate were staying in the Queen Victoria at Priddy over the school holidays. We got to learn of a dig at the site of a recent collapse in a depression just off the Priddy to Ebbor road, which is clearly visible on...
  18. tony from suffolk

    Petzl Myo XP - any good for caving?

    I was in the local outdoor shop this morning & noticed they're flogging off Petzl Myo XP lights. Are they any good for caving? They say "Water Resistant" but I'm a bit unclear what this means! Any advice gratefully received!
  19. tony from suffolk

    New Google Earth.

    For those that don't know (which included me 'til this morning) Google Earth's now out in a new version - and Mendip's pretty well all in "Hi-Def"! I've visited all the major (and most of the minor) cave locations some of which are marked with pretty mauve dots. Excitingly there's a brand-new...
  20. tony from suffolk

    So what's the news on...

    After a "holiday" from caving of about ten years or so(!), thought I'd try & catch up on a few things, so I'd be grateful for the latest news on :- Access to Lamb Leer. Used to love this cave, even after being stuck without a light on my own in a muddy passage above St Valentine's Landing...